Sajin Rajan
by on July 24, 2022
The pandemic era has changed everything in people’s lives and in the direct selling industry. The lifestyles, work, and also attitudes of Americans toward direct selling have gone for a complete toss. However, the necessity to work remains the same but priorities and convenience factors have altered by age groups and generations.
The pandemic era was also the era of great resignation where millions across the globe walked in and out of various jobs. According to the Goldman Sachs report, 70% of the five million people who had quit their job during the pandemic period were baby boomers. This was followed by companies recruiting young workers and these baby boomers opting out for early retirement.
With a passion to begin new businesses and entrepreneurial dreams, many millennials and generation Zers also seem to be walking out of their jobs in large numbers but with an intention to rejoin the work sooner or later. Some quit thinking of joining new places, some others rejoin again whereas many others switched careers in between. These generations would join work considering various convenient factors such as flexibility, entrepreneurship, collaboration, mentorship, social connections, better working conditions, organizational values, stress-free careers, competitive salaries, independence, and individuality. These factors define these generations with ethics and morale revolving around the same. However, the pandemic has altered the thought processes and diverted passions to newer dimensions.
Millennials and Gen Zers have more or less the same attitude while choosing a career and share the same passion and ideologies. These influence their career choosing factors too to a major extent.
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