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Market Overview
The Australian supply chain is well-integrated, and the Australian Logistics and Warehousing sector is well-established. In the fiscal year 2016, the industry made up a huge % of Australia's GDP. The logistics sector has advanced significantly since then. Many logistic organizations created intriguing online and mobile applications to assist their operations and customer service as a result of the development of global players and the growth in internet usage. The expanding manufacturing and retail sectors, rising disposable income, an increase in foreign enterprises, and rising export and import values all contributed to Australia's Logistics market's strong growth rate in FY 2016. Australia's logistics industry is expected to generate AUD billion in revenue in FY 2016—or a significant % of the country's GDP.
Roads to Recovery, the National Rail program, the upgrading of Brisbane Port, the development of Newcastle Port, and the extension of Darwin Port are some of the significant government projects for infrastructure development in Australia. Toll Holdings, Linfox, K&S Scotts, Fed Ex, and DHL are the key companies in the Australia Logistics and Warehousing market sector.
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Report Analysis
According to the research report, “Australia Logistics and Warehousing Market by Sector (Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, VAS), By Domestic & International Services – Outlook to 2021” states that this market has developed throughout time in terms of supply chain integration and digitalization, which has improved productivity and efficiency and produced sustainable means of moving commodities from one location to another. Additionally, improved storage options were made available.
The Australia Logistics and Warehousing Market in terms of sectors incorporate Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, and VAS segments. With a high percentage of revenue share and an anticipated $AUD billion in sales in FY'2016, freight forwarding had the highest portion of the Australian logistics business. The growth of e-commerce, shifting consumer preferences, and expanding trade activities are which is driving the freight forwarding market. In Australian logistics, value-added services captured % of the market share in FY 2016 with revenue projected at AUD %. In FY'2016, the pick-up and delivery services for postal couriers made up % of the Australian logistics market. With revenue estimates at AUD billion, warehousing services have contributed % of the revenue share in the Australian logistics business.
Regional Analysis
The categorization of the regions in terms of the Australia Logistics and Warehousing Market incorporates New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria.
With an estimated AUD billion in revenue, New South Wales (NSW) dominated a high % of the freight forwarding business in FY'2015. The sector is fueled by NSW's sizable export market. Likewise, Victoria came in with a significant % of the total market. The thriving industrial sector is a big contributor to the region's income. Together, Queensland and South Australia provided a good % of the income in FY 2015.
Future Outlook
In the forthcoming years, from FY'2016 to FY'2021, the Australian Logistics and Warehousing market sector is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of high %. From AUD billion in FY 2016 to AUD billion in FY 2021, the revenue is anticipated to grow. By the financial year 2021, the freight forwarding market will still hold a great % of the market share in Australia's Logistics and Warehousing market sector.
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Australia Logistics and Warehousing Market Analysis
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