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The Prettyscale. com is an app or website, designed to categorize an individual and remark on their level of beauty or ugliness, it is an algorithm-designed platform.

Users would need to scan their face either through an image or front camera, then the app would load and scan the pic accordingly, and state the person if he/she is pretty or ugly in percentage. It also states what makes the person ugly such as the nose is not suitable for the face as it is more broad or narrow, and the space between the eyes is more or less, making it look small or big, and so on.

It gives the percentage rating from o to 100, zero being the ugliest, and 100 means the prettiest person with proper symmetrical face structure. 

Pros & Cons of Prettyscale. com:

About the review, it has more cons than pros, there is no way that a website like Prettyscale. com can even have any single positive point. 

These websites are not only illogical but also unethical. No beauty standard defines a person's level of beauty. 

Rating an individual if they are 20%, or 50% beautiful violates all norms of respecting Human beings. No Individual can even be rated based on their beauty or wisdom or ethics or even Intelligence. People scoring great marks in Academics does not imply that they are wise or intelligent. Similarly, these apps cannot decide if a person is considered pretty or not.

But despite its barbaric logistic of being pretty, this website gained popularity and was used by many youngsters. These state the mental requirement of teenagers, which is unhealthy and needs attention.


Users must not believe or depend on these websites, and the government should not allow the launching of these websites and apps.

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