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Today we will compare Webroot vs. Avast to help you choose a product that provides complete protection for your system. Antivirus software is important for anyone using an Internet-enabled device. Even if you use your computer frequently, it is important to keep it safe. Both antivirus products are always at the top of the list of user-friendly, low-impact, and capable solutions. But which one is better: Webroot vs. Avast? In this post, we will scrutinize both the products and compare them against each other to find the better pick.
We will help you make a faster decision. Here is a detailed comparison between Webroot vs. Avast based on features, malware protection, user interface, price, customer support, and more. Keep reading to find out which antivirus is better for you: Webroot vs. Avast.
Let us take a closer look at the feature: Webroot vs. Avast. In many ways, they’re similar, but there are also many differences worth mentioning. Avast is attracting a wider audience; Webroot is the choice of a tiny group of users.
The company touts Webroot as an antivirus solution for the future. But does it deliver what a user needs today? Here is a list of exceptional features:
Anti-malware protection stops viruses, Trojans, and other harmful threats.
Ransomware protection detects malicious files that encrypt data and demands a ransom.
Real-time anti-phishing blocks malicious/fake sites and alerts users before they arrive.
ID theft and data information protection prevent hackers from stealing your identity and credentials.
Password management.
Optimization tools to boost overall system performance.
Secure cloud storage 25GB total – use this to store important data; only available with the highest level.
And now, let’s take a look at Avast. The main features of Avast in the following:
Malware protection against all known harmful threats.
Wi-Fi Security Scan detects vulnerabilities in the network and alerts the user.
Secure online shopping blocks fake websites that allow secure banking/shopping.
An advanced Firewall is an additional layer of security.
Password management.
Sandbox plays suspicious files safely without harming the OS.
Anti-phishing and spam protection.
Ransomware protection.
Webcam protection prevents 3rd parties from spying on you via webcam.
File Shredder permanently gets rid of any files.
Cleanup removes unnecessary files and speeds up the OS.
SecureLine a VPN to hide your online sight.
Moving on with the Webroot vs. Avast comparison, it is time to discuss the most important aspect of any antivirus – malware protection. Both products are quite different and do not use the same methods and techniques to fight modern-day malware. But which one is the more reliable antivirus?
Malware protection is one of the most important factors on which a thorough evaluation of antivirus software should be carried out.
Based on evaluations done by the AV-Test Institute, Avast scored 6 out of 6 when it came to being thoroughly tested regarding virus and malware protection. On the other hand, Webroot couldn’t pick up enough on these parameters and worked on scoring 2 out of 6. Webroot still lacks in some ways, including protection against zero-day attacks, email threats, and more.
In addition to providing advanced malware protection without affecting the performance of your system, antivirus products should also be easy to use. Don’t you agree?
Webroot comes with a dark-themed interface that is easy to use and understand. Within a few clicks, you can find all the necessary tools and utilities on the main panel. While Avast provides a modern UI compared to Webroot and looks much more advanced in accessibility. On your left menu panel, you can find the main categories: Status, Privacy, Security, and Performance. The “Start Scan” button is right in the center and appears as soon as you launch the device.
Here are the major differences between Webroot vs. Avast in the following:
Webroot is created for businesses and is mostly used in medium and large businesses, while Avast, with its free version, is preferred by the general public, small, medium, and large businesses.
Webroot is only available for premium users, while Avast includes a permanently free version for its consumers.
Webroot is deployed prominently on the Web, Windows, and Mac, with a particular function to intercept login attempts while you are online, while Avast can be deployed across Windows, iPhone or iPad, Mac, and smart Android devices.
Webroot does not allow you to play potentially infected files, while the Avast sandbox option enables you to do this without compromising the computer.
Avast delivers more features that improve antivirus protection, while Webroot contains only a handful.
Webroot and Avast have dedicated customer service to assist users with potential issues and provide further support. Customer support determines how long customers will continue to use the product.
Avast support is only available through ticketing, while Webroot can be easily accessed via ticketing, email, and phone.
And what about the price tag – what do these products offer? Let’s look at the different packages and prices: Webroot vs. Avast.
Webroot packages start at just $29.99/annual subscription, providing 1 device protection on a license (Windows/Mac). Here are the price details of other Webroot variants.
Webroot: $29.9 per year.
Webroot Internet Security Plus: $59.99 per year.
Webroot Internet Security Complete: $79.99 per year.
Webroot Business: $150 per year.
Avast is slightly more expensive than Webroot. Here are the details:
Avast Internet Security: $47.99 per year.
Avast Premium Security (1-Device Protection): $69.99 per year.
Avast Premium Security (Multi-Device Protection): $89.99 per year.
Avast Ultimate: $99.99 per year.
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