Sajin Rajan
by on August 4, 2022
Acquiring customers requires a lot of patience whereas, retaining them requires a lot of skill. Customer acquisition in direct selling is a highly popular topic, as the growth of direct selling businesses is fuelled by the growth in their customer base. With the generation of the right interest, you can have as many customers as you want. But sustaining their interest is what really counts. Rather than aiming for their retention, focus on understanding your customers. Do not compromise on the quality of the products and services you deliver them. Adapt to the changing trends and expectations of customers. Understand how the customers want their goods delivered and customize your process accordingly.
Lasting relationships usually start with a lasting first impression. Give your customers a fresh brand welcome. Customers are attracted to new and unique experiences. Walk your customers through your products, guidelines, customer support, etc, with a fresh perspective.
Hyper-personalize the customers’ experience. Personalization makes customers feel more comfortable and at ease. With the help of demographics and psychographics, understand the customer's behavior and interests to personalize your business approach. This provides an accurate data-driven experience. Establish one-on-one relationships with your customers to know their needs and preferences, and with contextualized conversations and individualized offers, exceed their expectations.
Engage your customers with the timely delivery of offers, promotions, and product news via calls, emails, messages, social media, mobile app, online campaigns, etc. Connect with your customers and let them feel the warmth of your direct selling business. Make use of all available channels to introduce them to new and attractive promotions and offers, exciting customized reward programs, live events, etc.
There is no limit to how you can treat your customers in the best way. Find the right approach and spread that culture throughout your organization for lasting customer relationships.
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