by on August 9, 2022
Thanks to the latest content management systems (CMS), building a website was never an easy task. Using the right CMS platform will offer access to functionality and reduce complications in building a website. Today, WordPress development services have a huge fanbase. It is a simple and free Content Management System with numerous features and ample customization possibilities. Users can use it to develop any website for a small business or a large enterprise. Advantages of WordPress CMS WordPress has become a popular choice, and most businesses choose this platform for their web development project. But what makes WordPress CMS so popular? Here are the top 5 reasons to choose WordPress CMS. Open-source One of the major perks of using WordPress CMS is that it is free of cost. This means you can create any type of project no matter commercial or domestic, without incurring heavy expenses. You can customize your website as per your wish and look under the hood of the CMS and create almost all kinds of changes with WordPress. Also, being open source is one of the primary benefits why a large community of developers creates new tools for it. But wait, although WordPress is open-source software, the users might spend a bit of money on hosting. This may cost from as cheap as $3 per month to a cost of $100 as per the speed and performance required. Community trust Of the millions of websites on the internet, WordPress accounts for over 30% of websites on the internet. Almost 500 new websites are launched daily using the internet, and the figure is growing rapidly. With such massive trust among users, it proves to be a trustable platform. Choosing WordPress CMS ensures that you have access to the security, and developers can add new features to the website. More than 55,000 accessible plugins are available for free on WordPress, followed by thousands of themes to choose from, which gives you good control of your site’s layout. Flexible Any website can be created using WordPress CMS. You might have heard that WordPress is a blogging platform. Although it is true, the CMS is built so that you can use it for all sorts of projects. Having access to professionally-designed themes effortlessly with WordPress provides higher flexibility to its users. Creating an aesthetically appealing website without having to write any code to build it from scratch. Giving a fresh, new design and making changes will be as easy as applying a different theme. Also, the default SEO tools of WordPress play a commendable role in the search engine optimization of the website. Whether the themes come from WordPress or the open market, all the existing themes and templates that help you build your website can be customized as you desire. On the other hand, other CMS platforms will be unable to provide such a high level of customization and restrict their native features. You can also create your style and themes to make your site stand out from the crowd. Switchable If a website owner wants to transfer the entire data of their website from the existing CMS to the WordPress CMS model, it can be done quickly with the help of WordPress migration services. Migration not only involves the transfer of content but also other crucial files from the existing CMS platform. You can also expect a smooth transfer of audio and video files from the existing platform to the WordPress platform. Easy maintenance A non-technical person must be unaware that a website also requires a bit of maintenance work. It is easy to keep software up to date with WordPress. Some of these updates occur automatically, while the rest can be done automatically or manually as per the user’s concern about various security vulnerabilities. With WordPress, the website stays up to date with the following - Updation of CMS according to the new versions. Updation of plugins and themes whenever updates are available User response management (if enabled) Site backups Conclusion WordPress has several benefits to provide over other CMS platforms. So, it has become the first choice among developers for creating their websites. But undertaking such a crucial project through unprofessional individuals can be risky for the site’s layout. Hiring outsourcing web development services c can be a better option. India’s most trusted web development site to get customized WordPress development services at 60% less cost. Source link here :
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