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by on August 14, 2022
Although you're familiar with USB sticks for transferring files between computers or back up files, there are many other uses for them. You may not know the many other uses of a USB stick. A USB flash drive can be used to unlock and lock your computer, just like the movie. You can also use it to connect to your wireless network, speed up your computer, or run a web server directly from the USB stick.
1. To lock/unlock your PC,
You want to be able to lock and unlock your computer using a physical key like the movie stars? You can with the PREDATOR tool. Available for Windows 10, the PREDATOR tool turns a USB stick into an access control device -- a key to your computer's doors. Your computer will lock if you unplug it after you have left the PC. Plug it in again when you return to your computer.
2. Use a USB Flash Drive to Run Portable Apps Everywhere
Software is often required to be installed. This is one of the most bizarre things about it. However, portable apps can be copied to USB sticks and run from any device. This can be a 32-bit, 64-bit or quad-core PC. A USB flash drive can be used to run browsers, email tools and messaging apps. It is also useful if you want to have a variety of apps on hand for any computer that may be available. You could do this in a library or at a resort's cyber café.
3. ReadyBoost - Increase Performance
ReadyBoost can speed up your slow hard drive. ReadyBoost is a cache that stores frequently used files and acts as a cache for drives when you enable it. Windows will use the flash drive cache to speed up the process of reading files from the USB stick.
4. Win32 Disk Imager allows you to back up your USB drive
It might be beneficial to backup your USB flash drive if you use it for multiple purposes. Win32 Disk Imager can be used to create images. Win32 Disk Imager can write bootable images to flash drives. Install and run the tool. Next, insert the USB stick and choose a destination name and file name. Click on Read to clone your disk contents
5. Keep vital travel documents safe
You've likely lost important documents if you travel frequently. It is easy to lose passports, booking confirmations, and visas. If baggage handlers make an error, it can cause problems. Your travel documents are one of the most important items you can pack on a USB. You can simply slip the USB into your bag or wallet and take it with you. If your passport is lost or stolen, it might be worth scanning it to give immigration the necessary information to run background checks.
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