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by on August 18, 2022

Furniture choice has a big impact on making the look of your home. Even if it is custom-made, off-the-shelf, or ready-made, the furnishing should be perfect. Besides quality and other factors, the price also varies with the choice you make. Here, knowing how manufacturers or brands consider furniture price, you can find the best quality within your budget.

Thus, it is essential to understand furniture cost and the factors affecting it before making a purchase.

The Materials

You should be aware of the fact that the quality of everything from fabric and wood to construction of influences the price. So, if the material cost is higher, the furniture product will be more expensive. For instance, if you are looking for wooden furniture, changing the wood type from sapwood to teak and mango will change the price range as well.

Build Quality

Merely choosing the best quality material will not guarantee the overall quality. The furniture’s sturdiness and durability also matter. When comparing build quality, custom-made products usually rank better than off-the-shelf ones for sturdiness and durability.

Would you buy furniture that won’t even last for a couple of months or years? Of course, you won’t. So, check for the durability of the product before buying. The more durable furniture is, the less you will be spending on its repairs.

For well-built furniture, check for the use of good quality material, elements, and construction.

Design Sophistication

Every product follows a specific design process. As the design gets more innovative and better, its cost goes higher. Besides, the finishing and polish of the item also influence the cost. That’s why furniture with a complex design is always a bit more expensive than one with a simple design.

This happens because labor efforts are involved in creating intricate designs and carvings that, in turn, raise the cost. Added functionality also adds to the cost. For instance, a coffee table with make-shift chairs or a bed with lots of storage will be expensive.

Mass Production

Did you study economics? Because this comes from one of the fundamentals. A product when created in bulk tends to cost lower. It can be beds, tables, chairs, etc. However, customized furnishing can’t be prepared in bulk, and hence, costs are higher.

Mass production reduces the cost because of the optimized production procedure using minimal hand labor and heavy machinery. Also, the use of mass-produced raw materials such as pre-laminated MDF minimizes the procurement cost.

For instance, if you need a dining table for ten, it would cost more as regular ones can accommodate only six.

However, mass-produced furniture might not always fit for space perfectly. Here, choosing custom-made furniture can prove to be a better investment.


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Labour Cost

After the material and design, labor cost is another factor that influences the furniture cost. Each vendor or contractor has a specific team with a unique experience, skills, material proficiency, and more. The costlier the labor, the higher will be the cost of furniture.

In short, everything from material, design, construction, and labor impacts the resulting cost. Probably, better quality will involve better materials, labor, and processes, increasing the product cost.

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