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by on August 18, 2022

If you have tweens or teens, you know the struggle that you have to go through to deal with them. No parent has ever said that teens are easy to deal with. It is because they are not, in any case, no matter how wise or smart they are, teens are difficult. It is not only for parents, but the same is the case with teens too. They are going through such big changes in their bodies, that they don’t know what to do about it and instead, they go on and try every new thing that they come across. This is why they need to be monitored closely because teens are at the edge of making grave mistakes and putting themselves in danger.

Monitoring kids was not that much common as it is now. Now, parents are more aware of the monitoring apps that are required to put the kids in safe mode while they enjoy their freedom with digital technology. Not only that, even school management is being encouraged to use such software to keep the kids secure at school. VantageMDM is providing the best tool for such purposes. Where many elders understand the need for such change, some still don’t know why we need to get the kids under the monitoring umbrella.

Kids are the most vulnerable beings and they want to experience as much as they can. They usually start with outdoor activities, but nowadays, all they want is a smartphone so that they can do the things that other people are doing. We know how glamourous social media and the internet can get for kids, and that they do everything in their power to get their hands on it so that they can get along with their friends and play cool. The same is happening at schools as well where it is hard to keep the kids away from digital media. So, what should everyone do? Can we stop the kids from using digital media?

Monitoring and Tracking Kids with VantageMDM

An MDM solution allows you to manage the smartphones that your kids have. You can see what sort of apps have they downloaded, what they do on their smartphones all day and how are they using them for their benefit. Not only that, with VantagMDM, you can control their devices too by allowing and deleting some of the apps according to the requirement. You can put restrictions on the apps that shouldn’t be used by the kids and you should allow the ones that are safe to use. Also, you can monitor their screen and see what they are doing at what time.

With an MDM solution, you can also track your kids whenever you want. For today’s parents, it is a great source of worry that sometimes they don’t know where their kids are and where they went after school. You can put a stop to this stress by using the MDM solution where you will know where they are and what they are doing all the time. You can let them enjoy their life, be with them when required, and not call them ten times a day which usually results in them being irritated by you.

Why Should You Monitor Your Kids?

Monitoring your kids is not an option but a necessity in this era. You can see how vulnerable they are and how easily can they get trapped in dangers unknowingly. You need to know what they are up to if you want them safe. Here are some of the most common reasons to take this step:

  • Cyberbullying is the most common type of bullying now. It is done through social media where kids make fun of each other and humiliate each other on the internet. For some, it might be just fun but other kids are sensitive about what the world is seeing about them. Once their secrets are out in public, they can get humiliated and take harsh steps to deal with that depression. You don’t want your kids to get through this and that is why you need to know what they are doing.
  • Predators are the kings of social media when it comes to targeting kids. They target innocent kids who join social media to get the approval and appreciation that they don’t get at home. They play well-wishers to these kids and then blackmail them into doing what they shouldn’t do. If you are not looking after your kids, your kid might just be talking to a predator right now.
  • Sexting is also very common when it comes to digital media. With being common, it is equally dangerous too as kids share inappropriate content that can be made public by the opposite party and can result in severe humiliation. Kids don’t know it yet but you do.

Monitor them today to protect them from these things that can put them in danger.

How Can School Managements Use VantageMDM?

Where the parents must take care of the kids at home, the same responsibility goes to the school management who has the kids for a large part of their day. When kids meet each other, they come out with all sorts of wrong things that they can do to have fun and this can put them in danger. Also, they are not meant to do this while they are at school supposed to be learning.

Where the use of digital media and devices has become necessary for smart learning, it can put our kids at greater risks. To avoid this, you can use VantageMDM kiosk mode where you can put the devices to work with only a few or singular app(s). You can give smartphones access to the kids, and you can provide computers in the library, but those systems will be restricted to work on a few apps and websites only. This is kiosk mode, where you can make the devices more efficient and learning-friendly by blocking all the unnecessary content. Kids can still be creative and do better at learning but they will have internet as well to pace up the process of learning.

Kids are so hard to deal with but with the right tools by your side, you can give them the independence they want and provide them the opportunity for better learning, You don’t need to hover over their heads all the time when you are just doing the right thing to keep them protected. This way, you can know what they are doing, you know how they can’t get access to the wrong sort of things, and how safe they are. Still, if they manage to put themselves in some sort of danger, you will know right away you can deal with it as well. No more being blind-sided by the things your teens are doing and no need to be authoritative on them anymore.

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