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Mexico is called as best vacation destination place which has the perfect combination of stunning scenery, rich cultural heritage and endless sunshine-beautiful sandy beaches. This place also has luxury resorts, traditional beach vacation spots, and UNESCO world heritage sites. Here are the best places To Visit In Mexico.
Here you’ll find various outdoor activities to miles of beaches. This is also perfect for day relaxation or parking in the thrilling water which is based on adventure. There are many cities has snowcapped mountains to beach destinations that have colorful marine life which makes your vacation more adventurous.
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1. Los Cabos
Los Cabos is on the southern side of Baja California Sur where the Cortez sea meets the pacific ocean. This place is one of the favorite gateways of Hollywood stars and celebrities who come here to enjoy the ultra-luxurious resorts and gorgeous landscapes. Cabo san Lucas has many nightclubs, resorts, and restaurants. On the other hand, Dan Jose del Cabo is a very charming place with many boutiques or art galleries.
2. Playa Del Carmen
Playa Del Carmen is at 35 miles on the south side of Cancun. The pedestrian street of Quinta Avenida is the block west side of the beach which also runs parallel to it. This beach is the main promenade and after sunset, it is always bustling you flock to its souvenir shops, dance bars, restaurants, and dance clubs. If you want to walk on the beach which stretches for three miles.
3. Puerto Vallarta
By visiting this place, you will say that it is the very perfect destination for those who want a romantic getaway. It has attractive white-walled houses, red-tiled roofs which give signature look to the city, and wrought-iron balconies. There are many other things that you can also do in Puerto Vallarta. You can do zip-lining by the jungle to visit many beautiful botanical gardens, enjoy spectacular sunsets and take a stroll along Malecon ( beachfront promenades).
4. Valle De Bravo, Estado de Mexico
Valle De Bravo is declared one of the most lovable weekend destinations places for the people of Mexico. This town is just close to Mexico City and one of the best places to visit. There are lots of cottages in the deep forest. Here you can enjoy your evenings just next to your fireplace.
Here is a vibrant atmosphere that is filled with bars, restaurants, and shops which comes from emerging fashion brands. There are also some crafts that you see like wooden sculptures, blown glass, and pottery.
5. Huatulco, Oaxaca
The most adorable things that you love are the calm waves and lush vegetation which describe this place. The beauty of green mountains as its background color, golden color under your toes, and colorful attractive sunset.
Here you’ll find out 35 beaches that provide you with many options to try in your tour from water sporting to scuba diving through coral reefs. You can also enjoy the mezcal under the sun.
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