Nelly Doretha
by on September 1, 2022
After the civil war ended on the mainland, China's defeated nationalists fled to Taiwan. Although the island has become a vibrant democracy, and a leading technological power, China claims it as its own territory. Qin Gang, China's ambassador, stated that Beijing preferred peaceful reunification. However, he also accused the United States for supporting Taiwan's independence. According to a law that Congress passed in 1979 when Washington switched from Taipei recognition to Beijing, the United States must provide weapons to Taiwan for self-defense. This seemed to remove the US uncertainty about whether it would engage militarily. The White House swiftly retracted his remarks. Biden said Wednesday to reporters that he expects to speak with Xi within the next 10 days. A variety of US delegations have previously visited Taiwan, mostly former officials. However, Beijing warned recently against a trip plan by Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker), who is third in line for the presidency. According to the United States, Russian casualties in Ukraine have been estimated at around 15,000 deaths and possibly 45,000 injuries so far, CIA Director William Burns stated Wednesday. However, he cautioned that Kyiv also suffered significant losses. According to the U.S. intelligence, there were approximately 15,000 Russian forces killed and perhaps three times as many wounded. According to Burns, this is a very significant set of losses." He spoke at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. And the Ukrainians have also suffered -- possibly a little less. However, there were significant casualties.
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