Ganapathy homam
by on September 26, 2022
Ganapathi Homam
About Ganapathi Homam:
The First and the foremost God who should be worshiped before the start of any work is Lord Ganapathi. Ganapathi Homam is the traditional Hindu Ritual that is performed before a start of a new business or maybe a new home. This is achieved at the beginning of a new work or home. Ganapathi Homam starts up with the construction of the mandapa and at last ends with its destruction by chanting thousands of mantras.
Types of Ganapathi Homam
Lord Ganesha exists in 108 different forms of which 32 forms are the most popular so Ganapathi Homam is performed for these 32 forms of Ganesha. 
Cost of Ganapathi Homam
The minimum cost of this Homam starts from Rs 4000.00 and goes up to Rs 20,000.00 based on the category of homam.
Benefits of doing Ganapathi homam
Ganapathi Homam brings a good start for any purpose of worship starting from small to huge construction or businesses.
With mere trust in God Ganesha if we do this ritual this will eradicate all our problems and will show us the way to success.
It will remove negativity from the place and fill it with happiness and positivity.
This pooja will solve the problems related to health and wealth issues and pave the way for a suitable solution for it.
This can enhance the memory power of young students so that they can perform well in their exams.
This can be done for the cure of any kind of disease which will bring a sort of relief.
Every year this pooja can be carried out to have a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.
Daily Ganapathi worship by crossing your hands and holding your ears will trigger the memory and help in brain activation. Holding so we have to do sit-ups which act like physical exercise to clear out the digestive tract diseases. Thus, this worship helps to remain healthy.
How Ganapathi Homam is done
Ganapathy Homam is usually done early in the morning and gets over by the time of sunrise. Every month Chaturthi is considered an auspicious day. Navaratri Tritiya also falls on the same day when this pooja can be performed.
Four main dravyas are being used which are modaka, durva grass dipped in ghee, popped paddy and samith dipped in ghee. All other pooja items get included in the holy fire. Finally, it ends with prasadam, vastra thamboolam.
Here mantras are chanted for Ganesh with the holy fire. Thousands of mantras are chanted with ‘Swahaha’ which means submission, embossing dedication.
Why is Ganapathi homam conducted before any pooja?
Ganapathi means purity. Worshipping or doing this purifies the place of worship and brings goodness.
How to contact and book us?
We are committed shastrigal who perform and arrange certain poojas for your well-being. You can book us online as well as offline and we will make all the arrangements for the effective completion of pooja. We even supply pooja items if you are in need or we will guide you by providing details of what and where to get pooja items. Your trust for God will be successfully carried by us through the pooja for your betterment in life and prosperity.
Who all can perform this pooja?
People having Ragu or Kethu dosha can take out this pooja. This pooja removes the dosha and brings a sigh of relief.
People constructing a new house can opt for this pooja to bring home happiness.
This can be done at the start of a new business to make it cherished.
This is being carried out at the start of different Yahnas Ganapathi first followed by all other gods.
Ganapathi Homam will clear out all the obstacles that are in your way to your success and prosperity filled with happiness. Now you are huddled free in your path of journey.
How frequently is Ganapathi homam done?
Lord Ganesh is the first and the foremost god that needs to be worshiped before. Without worshiping him no other prayers will get accepted here.
Frequency depends upon the choice of an individual. It can be done every quarter to bring happiness. Even yearly worship will enhance your life. Visibly you will find the difference after completion of this homam. Apart from this, every day chanting of the Ganesh mantra will provide inborn strength that promotes success.
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