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by on October 4, 2022
A mysterious and seemingly inexplicable murder occurs on the streets of London, and it's up to a detective to find out what's behind it all . Thoroughly told, intriguing, and well-managed across four episodes that will have you hooked, Collateral has everything to grab you. If you want to watch more Movie please Visit this Website: PlayTubes

Developed by the playwright David Hare , and produced by the BBC, which collaborates with Netflix in its distribution -especially in international sections-, Collateral introduces us to the police genre that abounds in British productions, with more details of classic film noir. Small details that distinguish an apparently modest series, but very powerful . If you want to watch more Movie please Visit this Website: UWatchFree Movie

At the center of the miniseries is a murder. A pizza delivery guy is unexpectedly and inexplicably riddled with bullets. It could just be a random incident, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Detective Kip Glaspie, played by Carey Mulligan , knows there's more to it all.

Glaspie investigates the murder, but the series covers much more than that, including political intrigue, social drama of a group of immigrants and a country in a very troubled moment in its history . Hare takes advantage of the plot of criminal intrigue to make an X-ray of a United Kingdom consumed by Brexit propaganda and xenophobia.

By incorporating the drama of immigration, the series becomes a poignant portrait of social violence, the terror behind human trafficking and the consequences of the spread of reactionary fake news. The miniseries manages to balance that with a well - managed investigation across four episodes of about an hour each.

Its successful cast is also one of the reasons why this small British production is so intriguing. Carey Mulligan herself, one of the actresses of the moment, shines as an unusual and interesting detective from the London Police Department , trying to dig beyond the surface without breaking her determination in the process.

With these elements, Collateral manages to stand out from other series and miniseries about police officers set in the British Isles. A thoughtful and thought-provoking series that's perfect for a weekend marathon . You do not need to invest more than four hours of your time, and you will end up wanting them to continue telling you more things.
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