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by on October 10, 2022

Who doesn’t love a discount, especially on something one needs? With Columbus Day here, get ready to explore the host of deals from a range of furniture manufacturers and dealers. And that’s just the beginning of the discount season with more days like Black Friday and Christmas coming soon.

Even with sales going live all around, many people struggle to find the right stores and deals. And here, we will explore a few areas where you can visit to get the best discounts for you.

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About Columbus Day

This year, Columbus Day falls on the second Monday of October, 10 October. However, the historical event dates back to 1492 when Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas. But it wasn’t until the early 18th century that people started commemorating the day unofficially. And officially, Columbus Day came into being as a federal holiday in 1971.

Columbus Day Sales

While people started celebrating the day quite early in the past, brands also jumped on the marketing bandwagon. Today, a series of discounts and deals are offered by numerous companies from different industries to commemorate the day. So, if you have been longing to buy that Hooker arm chair and Hooker round dining table, or other furniture, you might get it for less now.

Besides furniture, you can also find amazing discounts on other product categories like tech home, fashion, and others. But experts recommend shopping for holiday travel, makeup essentials, winter apparel, home goods, and furnishings during Columbus Day sales.

Where to Find the Right Columbus Day Sales?

With every brand promoting sales and offers, you might get confused about where to look for the best deals. Here’re a few sections you should keep an eye on to spot the price cuts.

Sales Section

Undoubtedly, the first one on the list. Most brands usually have separate sales pages and departments set up on their websites and stores. You can visit those sections directly to find what’s in store for you. However, those sections will be available for a couple of days/weeks only depending on the section.

Clearance Section

Over the years, interest in Columbus Day sales has seen a decline with fewer stores and buyers participating. However, many brands have started putting up different names to promote sales during this period. And clearance section is a popular name on the list. It also makes sense as this time also defines a change of season. So, old-season items will go out to the clearance section to make way for the newer ones.

Budget-friendly Section

While not all brands have these, many have specific sections for budget-friendly buyers. Keep an eye on such areas. And here, you will find way more affordable furniture products to buy during the Columbus Sale and the rest of the season of holiday deals.

Promo Codes and Coupons

This is another way of promoting sales and discounts, probably to loyal and long-term customers. Some brands distribute promo codes to their existing customer base through messages, physical mail, or e-mails. Others might offer coupons openly to all interested buyers with a few limitations. For this, you should stay subscribed to newsletters from your favorite brands and sign up for offers and deals wherever available.

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