Sajin Rajan
by on October 12, 2022
The customer-centric strategy is the new word in the business world that has been influencing a lot of businesses. With this, we will talk about how the direct sales industry is implementing it and why being a customer-centric model since the beginning makes them perfect to implement it with ease. It was also because of the pandemic that started that direct sales companies realized they were missing out on customers by not focusing on them and their needs and desires as much as they should have. So what do these businesses do? The solution for this itself is placing your customers first and this has resulted in being the top most customer-centric direct selling companies in the industry.

There are many Direct Selling companies around the world, but only a few of them understand and focus on their customers. This is what sets these companies apart from others in this industry. These companies have not just survived, they have thrived through all challenges that came their way because they care for their customers.

Direct Selling News, a platform that is well known for publishing insightful and informative content about the direct selling industry launched its Customer-Centric Recognition program to highlight companies who follow customer-centric principles. This was in addition to their mandatory effort to make all companies aware of the importance of being customer centric. The recognition program awards Gold and Platinum status holders in accordance with a ratio of customers to distributors. This list includes the top companies in the Gold and Platinum categories as per DSN CCR standards.

Platinum Status Companies

ACN bHIP Global It Works! Global Le-Vel Nu Skin( Pruvit Scentsy Usborne Books

Gold Status Companies

Perfectly Posh Monat
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