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What Is A Definition Essay? How to Write One?


A definition essay explains the definition of a term, a word, or a phrase. It must be researched thoroughly and supported by strong evidence.


Some of the terms like pencil, chair, or table have literal meanings that are widely known and recognized. While others are abstract and have contextual meanings such as hate, truth, and success. They can vary from different people and communities.


Most students fall short of this type of essay. They just add dictionary meanings and do not research beyond them. However, the main purpose of such a writing piece is to fully explain the term according to your personal experience and understanding.


Elements to Consider


It is important to choose and understand the term while writing a definition essay. It also needs to be well-researched. An essay writer sometimes chooses overly simple and complex words by thinking that it would be easy for them to explain them. 


However, definition essays require the explanation of the terms that is unknown to the people or may have different perspectives.


For example, everyone has their own meaning of love and hate. Thus, it can qualify as a definition essay topic. A basic structure of an essay includes:


Informing the readers about the term


Presenting basic and clear information


Using examples, facts, and anecdotes to help the audience


How to Start A Definition Essay?


Consider the meaning when choosing a term or word. Find and add different meanings but make sure they are correct. Wrong or opposite meanings may lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Furthermore, you can also add examples to highlight viewpoints.


For example, an essay written on the word ‘house’ is too simple and boring. But the word ‘home’ will make it impressive because it can highlight so many elements.


Disputable Word


Always search for a distinct or controversial term for your essay. However, make sure the chosen word must be interpreted by different people differently.


Analyzing the essay from personal perspectives makes it more subjective. It is because your ideas will be supported by researched facts and claims. Also, discuss it with your friends. Notice that if the majority thinks of it in the same way, consider switching it to another word.


Therefore, words with different meanings make great choices for an impressive definition essay.


Reading the Textbook Definition


After choosing a word, always look for its textbook definition. It is the main definition according to the academic standard.


Researching the Origin


The historical background of a term can give you insights into its birth, evolution, and transformation into the present form.


How to Write a Definition Essay?


Definition essays like any other type of essay consist of the same outline that includes:




Always begin with a conventional explanation of a term. If it has multiple interpretations, pick the idea that is commonly used and known.


An interesting technique is to start an introductory paragraph with a catchy idea. A fact, famous quotes, shocking statements, or statistics may come in handy while writing a compelling introduction. Avoid adding any irrelevant content.


Thesis Statement


It comes at the end of your introduction which explains the central argument of your essay.


Body Paragraphs


Make sure to have a comprehensive understanding of the essay before presenting your views. Discuss your term in a unique and exciting way.


Follow the below-mentioned rules to craft an amazing body paragraph.


Each paragraph should contain a single idea only


Discuss as many ideas as possible


Use relevant examples to support the claim


The first paragraph would discuss the origin and history of the term


The second one would explain the dictionary explanation


The last one would talk about the personal and researched definition established from multiple sources




It is a summary of your essay that restates the thesis statement and highlights the main points. However, do not introduce any new information at this stage.


Follow the above-mentioned steps to draft a definition essay. However, students with the fear of drafting an excellent essay always look for free write my essay service to get done with such a writing assignment.


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