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Critical thinking is a complex system of judgments that helps to analyze the information by coming up with a valid conclusion. It creates an assessment of what is happening and interprets it afterward.


A critical thinking essay aims to improve the analytical skills of an individual. It should teach the students to carefully read the text by utilizing methodical doubts. Its main purpose is to ask and answer the right questions.


Professors pay attention to both the quality of a text and the student’s ability to develop an argument about a specific issue. Essay writing is one of the best exercises to improve critical thinking skills as it will help you learn about working with information effectively.


How to Start A Critical Thinking Essay?


A critical essay consists of the following essay format that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Follow the below-mentioned steps to craft an amazing essay.


Choosing A Central Argument


Students may ask to choose a topic themselves while writing their college essays. Make sure to pick an interesting one or one on which you have a large amount of information. However, it should not be too difficult to come up with the basic arguments.


Reviewing the Contexts


An essay writer can approach the topic through various perspectives such as culture, ideology, and other biases.


Research Thoroughly and Gather Information


Consider what you already know about the topic. If it analyzes a certain text, you will be able to read it carefully and point out the main issues. Make a list of all the questions that you will keep in mind while reading. A good idea is to take notes and write down your own thoughts.


Coming Up With A Thesis Statement


It explains the central focus of your paper. A good thesis statement provides an aim that you need to achieve in your body paragraphs.


Writing the Main Body Paragraphs


Analyze the material while writing the main body paragraphs. The notes you have made previously contain the ideas but the writing needs a profound analysis.


Analyzing the Information


Identify all the weaknesses, evidence, arguments, strengths, and claim to analyze and add to your essay.


Examining Different Viewpoints


It is important to consider different points of view for a critical thinking essay. This approach requires examining and evaluating personal opinions about the chosen topic.


Coming Up with Your Viewpoints


It is beneficial to create an additional section that indicates your opinion. The main task is to explain it with supporting evidence. However, do not use pronouns like ‘I’ and ‘my.’


Coming up with Conclusions


Briefly summarize all the ideas that you have come up with within an overview. Evaluate your findings by defining their importance and pointing out the directions for future research.


Critical Thinking Essay Topics


It is a daunting task to pick a critical-thinking essay topic. Therefore, most of the students take help from a free write my essay service to choose a topic for them. Nevertheless, we have also mentioned a list of some topics for you to choose from. These include:


The insurance covers illness that results from drug addiction


What were the causes of the currency crisis in Russia?


Similarities and differences between the social welfare institutions of the USA and China


What effects do leaders and managers have on employees?


Can drug testing of employees be treated as an infringement of personal privacy?


How can schools encourage students to develop critical thinking and metacognition?


Why is Apple marketing special?


Relationship between critical thinking and ethics


The above-mentioned guide can help you write a perfect critical thinking essay as your college assignment.


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