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by on November 22, 2022
Frontend development involves designers and programmers. The former comes up with the design and draws the layouts, and the latter layout and program the client's logic. In complex projects or studios, the layout is the responsibility of individual specialists - layout designers. In theory, this should improve the quality of the product, but in practice, the process becomes more complicated and it is necessary to coordinate the work of designers and developers, which can affect the quality. It turns out expensive, long, and has no guarantee of quality. The problem can be solved by webflow design agency. There are dozens of platforms on the market, and each offers "build a beautiful website in 15 minutes. There are very simple solutions, there are more functional ones. But almost all are designed for people far from development and design. Among them, Webflow stands out, which allows you to build pages with complex professional design. In this review, we have understood the platform features and tariffs and compared them with competitors and traditional website development. What is WebflowWebflow is a cloud platform that allows web designers to assemble web pages without any profound knowledge of web programming. Pages can be hosted immediately, or you can export the HTML code and work with it from there. You need a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to get used to the platform faster and to fully explore its possibilities. Webflow, first of all, is suitable for professional designers and coders. For the former it is a good way to increase the cost of services, for the latter - to reduce the time it takes to create a project. But even if you are taking your first steps in design or layout, mastering Webflow is not difficult. Service was created in 2013 by Russian natives Sergey and Vlad Magdalyn together with Bryant Chow. At first, Webflow was an internal company tool, but later the founders realized its usefulness for freelancers and began looking for investors. That's how they got into Y Combinator, and then independently raised $215 million in four rounds of investment. The first version could only be used for designing webpages, but later there was a CMS for blogs and online stores. And also added tools for working with animations, JavaScript scripts, and styles. The founders of Webflow say that one of the goals is to give designers full control over the layout of websites. What Webflow can doWith Webflow you can create: Landing and business card sites;Multipage sites;online stores;blogs.Manage the workflow in the dashboard, where you create, search for and delete projects, as well as gather a team to work together. The platform allows you to connect additional features to projects and share links to them right from the dashboard. From there we go to the constructor.
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