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by on November 25, 2022
One of the biggest struggles for small business owners is how to get the customer's attention when it seems the whole world is competing for the same. When you noticed a flyer sticking around your home door handle, you have been a recipient of a door hanger marketing campaign. Marketing door hangers are the same as regular flyers, but they have a hook or an insert that allows them to hang on the door of the customer's home. They are smaller in size so they can easily fit on the doors.

The following are some of the reasons why this type of advertising is more effective.

Customers Can Notice Easily:

If there is something on the doorknob when you come home, they will have to make an effort in order to remove it before coming in. At this time, they will at least have a look at it. Since you have that short time to grab the customer's attention. Make sure that the door hanger is simple, very pleasing, and makes a good offer.

Gives a Lot of Space:

Door hangers not only include all information about the business but also mentioned the promotions, discounts, pricing, etc that can be useful for luring in business. Coupons become a part of door hanger marketing by using perforation marks so that your customers can neatly tear off important information. Make sure the hangers are printed in full color on both sides so that they were eye-catching. Bigger headlines and direct messages and calls to action will make the people remember your offer.

Highly Targeted Form of Marketing:

Door hangers can target specific neighborhoods, streets, and even houses. The more specific your marketing and the results will be more effective. For example, roofers can leave a door hanger about their business that their home roofs need to be repaired. Contractors can leave door hangers for their business at homes to admire their work on their projects. No matter what your business is, this door-hanger marketing approach allows you to be quite specific with your marketing and promotion efforts with spending less money and time.


Door hanger marketing is one of the least expensive ways of marketing. Even though the prices of the door hangers are low, and you can utilize your company staff to distribute them. Door hanger marketing is an effective tool that helps in building the reputation of your business.


Door hanger marketing is useful in announcing your business, promoting an event, distributing discount coupons, promoting sales, bringing more customers, introducing a new service or product, etc. From the above, you can get detailed knowledge about the reasons why door hanger marketing is more effective.
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