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Postcard marketing is a kind of direct mail marketing where businesses market their products and services using promotional business postcards. Promotional postcard content typically includes announcements, coupons, new product and service introductions, and limited-time-only special offers. Businesses today choose laminated postcards because they are read by at least 86% of consumers who receive them through the mail.

The cost of postcard marketing campaigns depends on several factors, such as the volume of postcards, the destination of the postcards, and the service provider a business chooses to create its postcards. The performance of postcard marketing can be measured by calculating the number of clients who booked products and services relative to the sent postcards and by tracking the number of people who visited the unique postcard links.

How to have an effective postcard marketing campaign?

Because it’s important to follow up with clients repeatedly to cause them to buy, business owners and marketers should send out multiple plastic postcards to their target audiences to promote easy brand remembrance. Postcard marketing campaigns are effective because of the following;

Proper planning of postcard marketing campaigns

It’s important for brands to carefully plan for their postcard marketing campaigns by first identifying the goals of those campaigns. Then, they should establish the calls to action for every stage of the marketing campaign. A campaign should start with three postcards. The first should aim at driving website traffic, the second should promote an offer to join a VIP or rewards club for signing up, and the third should offer a lifetime membership inclusive of a discount.

Beautiful postcard designs enhance postcard marketing campaign effectiveness

The postcard designs will be among the first things that a target audience will notice about a postcard. One image is worth one thousand words, which will leave an impression on a brand based on the design of the image. Using a clean design with a few images and a matching color pattern can create a solid impression.

Attention-grabbing copy

Copy created for a postcard marketing campaign should start with a strong, attention-grabbing headline. The main purpose of the headline is to entice people to read more postcard content. So, a headline should be straightforward and have a benefit attached to it for those who read the postcard. A headline can be in the form of a question or stated in a how-to.


A call to action on plastic postcard mailers is as vital as the postcard headline. People are most likely to buy or share a message about a brand if they read an enticing call to action on a postcard. Calls to action must be specific, value-oriented should, create a sense of urgency, and shouldn’t seem too salesy to appear authentic to the masses.

Use an active voice for effective postcard marketing campaigns

Using an active voice when writing copy on a postcard builds excitement in an audience. Brands should refrain from using dull messages on their postcards and should instead use lively words which will grab attention. Writing postcard copy using an active voice is more direct and clearer as it is easier to read and understand and is more engaging.

What is the process of running successful postcard campaigns?

Postcard campaigns are typically budget-friendly and allow brands to measure results easily.

·Establish the target audience. Brands need to know the behavior and demographics of their target audience where to send the plastic postcards.

·Form SMART postcard marketing goals. When setting postcard marketing goals, they should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

·Determine a budget for the campaigns. The amount to be spent should be set based on factors like the number of postcards.

·Design the postcard. Here, brands choose the size, design, and copy for their postcards after testing all anticipated designs to choose one from all.

·Run the postcard campaigns. This happens after brands confirm the best postcard design, print out more of such cards, and start running campaigns.

·Tracking of postcard campaign results. This helps brands obtain data on how to conduct future postcard marketing campaigns properly.

Benefits of using postcard marketing

Postcard marketing is so effective at getting the message from brands to the masses besides being so highly measurably. The following are the benefits of using postcard marketing:

·Postcard marketing is useful for validating customer addresses. Since postcards always reach their intended audience, this helps businesses to create their ads based on where or to whom their postcards are headed.

·Boosting brand awareness is easily enabled by using postcard marketing. Postcards are used by brands to grab people’s attention and encourage them to check a business out.

·Postcard marketing is great for promoting new products and services.

·Postcards are versatile. Businesses can invite readers to fill out their postcards with their details and mail them back. Similarly, businesses can send readers directly to their websites using postcards.

·Postcards are short and efficient. Since customers are busy, people are bombarded with advertising material more often; they need brief enticing messages on postcards to leave them wanting more.

Postcard marketing is beneficial because postcards are short and efficient, postcards are versatile, postcard marketing helps in boosting brand awareness, it is useful for validating customer addresses, and it’s great for promoting new products and services.

Benefits of plastic postcards to businesses

For most retail businesses, plastic postcards are an outstanding technique to create a good first impression on their clients, introduce their products and services to the market, and create a steady flow of new and repeat clients regularly.

Plastic postcards are attractive and interactive

Businesses need to impress their potential clients with their products and services. Using plastic postcards allows for full glossy color digital printing on the front and back, which easily captures the attention of the target audience and allows businesses to deliver more offers.

Plastic postcards are durable

Plastic postcards are durable and water-resistant. They can easily withstand constant handling, dumping, and the rough sorting process the USPS often subjects marketing mail to. These plastic postcards will show up in the mailbox looking as clear and nice as they did when they came off the Post Office.

Fewer plastic postcard mailers are required

If a business sends out plastic postcard mailers, they last longer than paper postcards, which can be easily torn. Marketers can include ever-green details about their company and only send out more plastic postcards to specific audiences during marketing campaigns.

Final takeaway

During postcard marketing campaigns, most brands plan, carefully design, and send out plastic and laminated postcards to spread their grand opening information, introduce new audiences to their products and services, and also notify them of upcoming events and promotions.
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