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by on December 4, 2022

 The most recognizable representation of Scottish national attire is the kilt. The modern (small or walking kilt) is a skirt-like garment with pleats at the back that has its roots in the traditional clothing worn by men and boys in the Scottish Highlands around the 16th century.

Men kilts have changed over the years. The "Great Kilt," a full-body garment that could be worn while sleeping, gave rise to the modern kilt, which is today a versatile piece of contemporary clothing.

Men's kilts are not just popular for ceremonial occasions but also for athletic activities, graduation balls, trekking, highland games, and stag parties. Historically, the kilt was constructed of wool-woven tartan material, but more lately, modern versions have appeared, including solid black.

We provide a huge selection of kilts for men and women, including both classic and modern styles. We also carry a wide variety of accessories, such as sporrans, kilt belts, sgian-dubhs, kilt hose, flashes, Glengarry, and kilt pins, to complete your look.

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