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A sash window is also known as a hanging sash window which is made up of one or more movable panels called sashes. These types of windows have a vertical opening, which gives historic architecture and design to your home. It is made up of two framed window sashes which are present one in front of the other. Sliding sash window units are placed in frames with vertical grooves, which allows them to glide up and down smoothly without any risk of one frame rubbing against the other.

This type of window is designed to be readily disassembled for repair or any replacement of damaged sash cords. Double-glazed sash windows are similar to regular sash windows, but they are having the extra benefit of double glazing, which is helpful during the cold months. It consists of two panes of glass and it is an excellent choice for the ones who want to keep the historic feel and look of their house.

Some of the major advantages of glazed slashed windows include improved thermal efficiency, lower heating costs, cutting down the outside noise coming into your house, etc.

Types of Sash Window Frame Styles:

The following are some of the types of sash window frame styles that are available in the market.

Victorian Sash Windows:

This type of window is discovered during the Victorian era that has a pattern of two over two designs. This age windows are more opulent and added with some sash horns in order to assist reinforce the joints that require to hold the big glass panels. Glass manufacturing technology has grown popular during this era and it allows more production of bigger sheets of glass. Victorian sash windows are made in two over two styles and each unit is constructed with two panes of glass connected by a single vertical glazing bar.

Georgian Sash Windows:

Georgian sash windows are made up of two window units, each with six panes of glass which is called a six-over-six design. This was due to the manufacturing techniques at the time only allowing for the production of small glazed panes.

Edwardian Sash Windows:

This is a combination of Victorian and Georgian styles and it is made up of six over two patterns. The sash horns in this type of window are made to hold bigger glass panes that allow the natural light to come in.

Materials of Sash Frame Styles:

Wooden Sash Windows:

Wooden window frames are the perfect choice for windows because of their traditional, natural, and appealing feature. They bring a classic style to your home especially when it combines with the sash windows. Wooden sash windows require regular care and maintenance in order to be in excellent shape and last for a longer time.

PVC Sash Windows:

PVC is a popular window material that is famous for its inexpensive and long-lasting properties. It doesn’t need any care and regular maintenance, but it failed to give the appealing look to your home windows.


Sash windows are easy to operate and allow a great amount of air and light to flow into your house. Also, it has a lock mechanism that helps in keeping the burglar from breaking into your house through the window frame. These types of windows are made of very strong materials and it is more worth your investment.
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