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by on December 12, 2022

If the patient needs medical evacuation at the time of emergency an air ambulance can serve the motive of reaching the center of medication right on time for avail advanced medical treatment. We at Air Ambulance Service in Patna functioning for Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance operate in connection with fully-certified paramedics and nurses that offer medical assistance and attention throughout the journey and ensure no difficulty is caused at the time of transfer from one place to another.

We offer critical care air ambulance and medical evacuation services that are needed when the patient cannot travel by normal medium of transport. We utilize air ambulances to offer transport to critical patients that require IV fluids, oxygen, ventilator, cardiac monitors, infusion pumps, nebulizers, and other life-saving equipment as per their needs. We at Air Ambulance from Patna operate with a team that offers medical monitoring throughout the transfer process.


Specially Trained Medical Personnel operates with Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Service in Ranchi

We at Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Service in Ranchi can arrange a critical care air medical transfer both domestically or internationally as soon as the confirmation gets made.  The patient gets transported via a medically equipped aircraft with a critical care team comprising a Certified Flight Nurse, Paramedic, and an expert physician specially trained in flight physiology.

Depending on the configuration of the medical airliner, we at Air Ambulance in Ranchi allow a companion to accompany the patient all along the journey. We provide evacuation at a cost-effective price with no additional cost applied at the time of booking. We are trained in offering transparent services that ensure the patients get the facilities of their specific choice.

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