Sajin Rajan
by on December 19, 2022
Direct sales is a difficult domain to compete in and maintain success. With the fierce competition in this space, it's easy to see why many direct sales entrepreneurs struggle with attracting new customers while also maintaining existing ones. In this article, we will explore how an engagement-driven ecommerce platform empowered an unengaged distributors force to enhance customer expectations and make major gains in overall revenue. An engagement-driven ecommerce platform was engineered to support engaged customers and distributors, and it has changed the way business is done in the direct sales industry by empowering disengaged users. The impact of this platform is nothing less than extraordinary as it not only facilitated business growth but also resulted in higher profit margins and helped reduce customer churn rates.

In the direct sales industry, customer loyalty and distributor retention are paramount to a network marketing company's success. Without these key factors, it becomes very difficult for an direct sales ecommerce company to establish themselves in their market space. An engaged customer is more likely to stay with a brand than one who feels disconnected from it. Engaged customers feel like they have control over what happens within their relationship with the brand, and this sense of ownership builds trust between them and the company.

One of the key challenges that a distributor in direct sales faces is to increase their engagement with customers. The premium featured ecommerce platform designed for distributors, was centred on enhancing distributor engagement from the onboarding phase throughout their customer acquisition journey. This platform encouraged distributors to complete their training in a shorter time span by gamifying it, rewarding them for completing each module successfully. A loyalty program module also accelerated brand loyalty and engaged these distributors further, thereby increasing customer satisfaction levels.
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