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England is an administrative division of the United Kingdom, that division happens to be called a country, covering an area of approximately 50,301 square miles. It shares its land borders with Scotland and Wales to the north-northwest and west respectively. The administrative divisions together with Northern Ireland, form the four countries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK is situated off the northwestern coast of the European mainland. Of the four countries, only Northern Ireland shares a land border with another country, Ireland. England, just as the rest of the UK, is located in the continent of Europe. However, the Northern Sea and the English Channel separates it from continental Europe. England is located on the British Isle in the north of the Atlantic Ocean.
Historic Perspective
The question “Is England part of Europe?” has always come up in the past and has been popularized by the Brexit debate. To answer this question, the history of England must be put into perspective. Many years ago (about 6,500 years ago) England was without a doubt part of Europe mainland, thanks to a land bridge which linked it to the continent and allowed people to freely move along the Atlantic coast from the Iberian Peninsula. However, the majority of English are still convinced that they are different from their neighbors, owing their difference to historical events dating back to 1066 when the island was invaded by the Normans and introduced a class system that was different from their neighbors.
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