Abhijit Verma
by on December 22, 2022

Mamaki comes from the nettle family, so while it's not technically a tea, the leaves of this plant can be used to make an all-natural herbal drink with several purported health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to helping with depression. Below are some Mamaki tea health benefits

Benefits of mamaki tea

The first, catechu, can help regulate blood pressure, promote weight loss, boost brain function, and fight cell damage and disease. The other, chlorogenic acid, has a positive effect on blood pressure, fights obesity and can even improve brain function. (Also found in coffee!)

Is mamaka tea good for the kidneys?

Mamaki is naturally caffeine-free and is generally used to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It is a natural diuretic that is also great for flushing the kidneys and liver.
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