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by on December 24, 2022
Looking to improve the performance of your LinkedIn marketing? Are you wondering what LinkedIn marketing tips the pros would like to use? We asked the best in social media to share their hottest marketing tactics. In this article, you'll learn the strategies professionals use to improve their performance on LinkedIn. Find out what works today. #1: Use promotional updates on LinkedIn One of my favorite LinkedIn tips for marketers is to use advertisements. Promotional updates are the best way to get your content in front of key people on LinkedIn, which will ultimately help you build credibility as an expert in your field, as well as increase the visibility of your content to other users who are not your contacts. Advertising messages offer the ability to significantly limit the number of people who will see the advertisement. This means that you will be able to make the most of your advertising spend. Target your ads by location, company name, company type, job title, job category, educational institutions, and LinkedIn groups. Do not understand how fast people search free, learn more by clicking on the link. You will be able to determine how effective these paid upgrades are with the help of detailed analytics provided by LinkedIn: views cliques CTR (click through rate) CPC (cost per click) total views communications within the campaign campaign audience demographics You can also compare the performance of advertisements versus non-advertised (free) ads on your business page in the Analytics section. Here you can see a number of metrics that will allow you to determine how well paid ads are performing compared to free ads. Here are the following indicators: views cliques interaction purchased followers participation Determine how effective paid ad updates are compared to free ones. Make sure you choose the ones that will provide the most value for your target market as paid ads, which will make your investment pay off. Keep in mind that your market will not forgive if you force its players to spend time on frankly uninteresting, irrelevant or irrelevant content. With proper planning and quality content, using paid ads will help you significantly increase the number of users of the service who will be interested in your company page and make connections, as well as increase your credibility or your company's credibility as an expert in a particular topic in your industry. Meloni Dodaro, founder of Top Dog Social Media and author of the international bestseller The LinkedIn Code. #2: Add visual content to your LinkedIn profile Did you know that you can visually enhance your LinkedIn profile by adding photos and videos, linking to image articles, screenshots, or even Slideshare infographics and presentations? It's surprising that many people still don't use this feature, so now is the time to take advantage of these opportunities and use visual content on LinkedIn. For an example, take a look at the page of SlideShare expert Todd Wheatland. Add visuals to your page in the Summary section. Todd uses visual content to talk about his new book, a recent SlideShare presentation, an article that mentions him, and a video that highlights his outstanding public speaking skills. But don't just update your visual profile and forget about it. The best visual content to post and update regularly on your page is: video latest presentations novelties and special projects, including books and programs latest articles or press releases samples of work and examples of work with clients screenshots with social proof (like tweets about your performances) What are you waiting for? Update your profile, give it a polish and add more visual content. You will be amazed at how much you can improve your page in just an hour. Donna Moritz, founder of Socially Sorted. #3: Work with contacts Part of a successful LinkedIn profile is making real connections with your contacts. While everyone else is adding everyone on LinkedIn, you can make an effort to connect with the more influential members of your network. I call this "working with contacts". When you do this, your LinkedIn contacts will be much more responsive to the updates you post and share. Instead of putting in the effort of LinkedIn marketing, develop the depth of your connections with members of your network who will also be potential customers or will be able to provide better reviews. Grow your LinkedIn connections. The impact of working with existing contacts can be described and explained as follows: you bring a "human" touch to your LinkedIn marketing activities by finding ways to personalize the experience of interacting with your contacts on a deeper level. Identify your network of "Most Valuable People" and review their profiles to gather information about what matters to them, what their needs and goals are. On LinkedIn, you can find ways to help, congratulate, develop existing contacts, and even make new connections on an individual level. Using private messages on LinkedIn, as well as mentions and recommendations, gives you the opportunity to promote your ideas (content); this is an example of the impact of working with contacts in action. Many people think about find people for free, learn more about it. When you do this kind of work, you achieve the following: You stand out from your competitors because you do something different from what they do. You will become more memorable and valuable to your network members because you show that you are listening and that you care. You are potentially provoking them to apply the reciprocity rule because your network members will also want to do something nice for you. You will be able to more easily engage network members to view your content that you create and post on your page. Working with contacts on LinkedIn is a delicate matter, but it is a very effective approach that will help you move from simple adding to contacts to fruitful collaboration. Focusing on this process will surely help you grow your business! Stephanie Sammons, founder and CEO of Wired Advisor, where she teaches financial advisors and business professionals how to build digital influencer to engage and engage with clients. #4: Work in discussion groups According to the rules of content marketing, you need to work in such a way as to be of value to a potential client by providing him with quality content. The purpose of this type of marketing is to create thought leadership so that when the time comes to buy, the user remembers that your company knows how to solve their problematic issues. These rules apply to social media, and in particular to discussion groups on LinkedIn. Many marketers either spam such groups with links that are overtly promotional in nature, or refuse them altogether, afraid of violating LinkedIn's moderation requirements. However, when you enrich the information you share with equally valuable social content, LinkedIn discussion groups can be a marketer's biggest source of leads. LinkedIn discussion groups can be a great source for marketers. Social content should be understood as the message that is attached to it. In terms of LinkedIn discussion groups, you're much more likely to achieve positive results, not to mention lead generation, if you post posts like this.  Mark Lerner, Marketing Director at Oktopost. #5: Optimize Your Personal Profile LinkedIn marketing gives business professionals an amazing opportunity to build new connections and contacts, expand their professional business network through search, discussion groups, private messaging (InMail), paid features, targeted advertising, and more. There are many ways to generate traffic and leads with LinkedIn. The most successful and sustainable results will come from optimizing your personal profile with relevant keywords, action-oriented content through interesting material (not presentations) and quality media content from videos, presentations, documents and more. Use keywords in your personal LinkedIn profile. Your content should be relationship-building and show you as an authority in your market. Hint: update your personal profile today! Make sure your profile is: Personal, professional, not a "business logo". People should see you first, not your business. Up-to-date, with contact details and offers to help you learn more about you.  The profile should show the real you, without unnecessary embellishments and over-optimized keywords. However, keywords must be used in the profile title, description, and summary. Build your profile to appeal to your ideal audience. Don't try to be nice to everyone! Attracts attention. Differs from others; You must stand out. Look for ideas by looking at other profiles, especially those of your competitors. The profile should contain recommendations and comments from other people. The profile must be completed; use all available fields and values, and keep adding updates as new content comes out. Do this, and your profile will stand out from the rest and help you achieve better business results. John Rognerud is an SEO authority and founder of #6: Tag Your Contacts in Messages Did you know that you can tag your contacts directly in your messages? This ensures that your contacts see the post even if they haven't logged in to LinkedIn for quite some time - they get notified that they've been mentioned and a link where they can view the information. To tag your posts, simply type "@" followed by the name of the contact you want to tag. Only the person you tagged with the tag will receive a notification. Use this feature to make sure that the person you need gets the right notification. Resist the temptation to constantly tag your contacts and annoy them. Only use this feature when it's strategically important to let your contact know about something important or of particular interest to them. While you can send private messages to the contacts you've tagged, the rest of your contacts will also see the post in the News Feed, so you'll kill two birds with one stone. Linda Coles of Blue Banana is a sought-after speaker and influencer on LinkedIn. #7: Focus on small, local discussion groups As internet marketers, we all know that the best way to get positive attention is to provide valuable information. The problem is that the secret is no longer a secret - literally everyone does it! This means that even your educational and know-how posts can get lost in the sea of ​​marketing materials that now flood LinkedIn discussion groups. If you're not Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki, then you need a way to stand out - for example, you can focus your efforts on local, small groups, rather than focusing on large ones. Smaller groups are more likely to get your messages read and replies. Focus your efforts on local groups. In general, looking at the comments I've received on LinkedIn over the past month, most of them are from members of groups such as Ivy League Alumni, Madison PTO Chamber of Commerce, Wisconsin Connections, and Madison Contacts. ". None of them are top or among the biggest on LinkedIn. One of the benefits of being active in small groups is that your profile is more likely to be visited by people and remembered for longer. Brenda Bernstein, LinkedIn expert and author of the best-selling book How to Create the Most Effective LinkedIn Profile #8: Grow existing contacts instead of adding new ones Decide which of your contacts you would like to get to know better, and begin to regularly communicate with these people in person using the possibilities of a personal profile. Share information, ask them questions and learn more about them. You can do the same with the company page. See who shares your content and visits your page, and see how you can strengthen connections with these users. Here it is important to understand how to establish an emotional connection with people or groups. This is the foundation of a good relationship, and when done right, you create a long-term bond between the marketer and the contact. This is no longer one-way communication, but cooperation, discussions and, in the end, even purchases and sales. Make an effort to build long-term emotionally strong relationships. Relationship development on LinkedIn is good for marketers: you become a trusted advisor to contacts, so if you have the opportunity to help, answer a question, buy a product, etc., you are the first person they reach out to. You have a specialist who can answer questions on a certain topic, a person with whom you can collaborate on projects that are too big to make decisions and implement them alone. When done right, it will truly be a mutually beneficial relationship. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to develop connections that turn into so much more: friendships, partnerships, collaborations, and even new businesses. Julia Borghini is a freelance writer and online content strategist for B2B technology companies at Spacebarpress. #9: Don't Treat LinkedIn Like Your Resume Online The best advice I can give to any LinkedIn marketer is: don't treat this social network as an online version of your resume ("I graduated from college here, I work for this company, I do this and that at work" ); instead, make your profile customer-focused. For example, you could use the template below for simplified text for your LinkedIn profile (including all heading areas!): WHAT I DO: I help [my target audience] achieve [their desired outcome] by providing [my product, skill, or service]. WHAT DOES ME DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS: [how I am different/better/unique compared to other companies/entrepreneurs that offer similar products or services]. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: [Insert text from a satisfied customer who sings your praises in their own words in a way that will appeal to your target market]. Actually, you need to redesign your profile in such a way that it is clear that you can come and solve the client's problems, that you will do it easily and quickly - so your ideal audience will understand who you are and what you can do for them. Customize your profile so people know what you can do for them. In fact, use the same approach throughout your LinkedIn profile, even with your positions! For example, what would be best for a small business owner who needs marketing help and has never heard of your company but stumbles upon your LinkedIn profile? "Marketing Director at [company name]" or "Small Business Marketing Consultant|Small Business Marketing Solutions|Small Business Marketing Tips"? To paraphrase Dale Carnegie, your audience is not interested in you. She is interested in herself, that is, they themselves are clients, their companies. They and only them! Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches the interests of your potential customers! John Nemo is a LinkedIn Marketing Consultant and Business Coach based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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