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by on December 28, 2022
Cannabis plants grown from autoflowering seeds begin to bloom 2–4 weeks after seed germination. As opposed to cultivating feminized photoperiod cannabis, growers don't need to worry about adjusting the light cycle to start and sustain the blooming phase of the autoflower feminized cannabis seeds. Additionally, autoflowers develop in a lot shorter time. After sprouting, some kinds can be harvested in as little as 8 weeks. Autoflowers are also small, which makes them ideal for growing inside. Autoflowers are (not just) perfect for novices to cannabis gardening since they are so practical. The special growth characteristics of cannabis with autoflowering can also be utilized by more seasoned gardeners.

Non-Photoperiod Strains: What Does It Mean?

Cannabis plants that have been feminized (photoperiod) bloom according to the number of hours of light they get. In the wild, they begin to blossom as the summer months draw to a close. By setting their grow lights to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness indoors, farmers kickstart blooming.

Distinct Characteristics of Autoflowers

When autoflowers first hit the market in the early 2000s, they weren't particularly impressive. They didn't have a lot of potencies, had a weak scent, and had poor yields. But since then, autoflowers have advanced significantly. In terms of potency, yield, and scent, modern autoflowers are comparable to feminized photoperiod strains (and some even outperform them). However, they continue to provide the same fantastic advantages as previously described, in addition to being known for being especially solid and robust. Even the most demanding consumers can now find satisfaction with autoflowers: THC-rich automatic strains are easy to get for recreational users, while CBD-rich autoflowers are available for holistic users who want to take advantage of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

How Are Autoflowering Plants Created?

Indica or sativa plants are crossed with ruderalis to produce autoflowering cultivars. Cannabis Ruderalis is a wild variety that thrives in areas with long summers and plenty of sunshine (e.g., Northern Europe or Siberia). These plants have evolved to blossom according to age rather than relying on the length of daylight. Ruderalis isn't very helpful on its alone because the plants are tiny and produce few buds. But breeders found a way to produce top-notch indica and sativa strains autoflower by mating them with ruderalis. Combining the greatest qualities of every cannabis subspecies, this has revolutionized cannabis agriculture.

Who Uses Automatic Cannabis Strains, and Why?

Growers: Autoflowers are popular with growers because they are practical and simple, giving a quick harvest with respectable yields. They are among the greatest plants for growing in tiny places due to their compact size; they work well for micro-grows or for placing one or two plants on a balcony. They also make excellent strains for growing outdoors because of their toughness and resilience. Additionally, they are a wonderful option for covert guerilla growth due to their compact size. Smokers: Autos are equally as enjoyable for recreational users as feminized photoperiod cannabis. You may select the ideal autoflower to fit your preferences if you smoke for the high, which can range from calming to energizing, enjoyable, and giggly! Some autoflowers contain less THC than the typical strain, making them perfect for those who want a mellower and more balanced high from cannabis.


The fragrant elements in cannabis are called terpenes. The distinctive scents and flavors of each strain are due to their unique terpene profiles for the autoflower feminized cannabis seeds. As a result, when you smoke autoflower buds, the distinctive terpene profile of your strain is to blame for any citrusy, floral, fruity, skunky, or even fuel-like flavors or aromas you may experience. Terpenes may affect a strain's impact in addition to providing enticing tastes and scents, according to some research.
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