by on December 29, 2022
Houston's #1 rated brand for laundry appliances: LG Why are LG washer & dryer laundry appliances the number 1 choice for Houston residents? As stated in the video above, in this article we will explain the various unique features of LG laundry machine appliances to showcase why it makes them the number one choice for Houstonians. So today, I'm going to talk about the different models and features that LG offers in their laundry line up and to do that. I'm going to turn it over to Rusty, our in house technical appliance expert, and revert right here at our homestead location and this entry level LG wash has revolutionized the market for stackable Washington dryer units. Cutting-edge smart intelligent LG laundry machine features and capabilities Not only is it sleek and modern, it has easy-to-use centrally located controls here. It's going to have features like large capacity direct driven motors, and it's ultra efficient on the electric set. This unit only uses $13 a year in annual operating costs. This right here is a slightly more advanced LG tower that has a few extra features like the stainless steel washer and dryer tubs. The Ai features and looks at the beautiful color black, stainless. The advanced features on these machines such as the AI are for maximum efficiency when operating this on a daily basis. The washer, we'll talk to the dryer so that the dry cycles are perfect for the fabric that you have in them. Once again for maximum efficiency, it also contains Wi-Fi capability. With the Wi-Fi capability, it gives you ease of operation. You can receive notifications when cycles are complete. Also, you can download your own custom cycle if you find yourself having to change the settings on a day-to-day basis. Another great feature you'll find on this machine is the ability to turbo wash 360. The turbo wash 360 will allow you to power through large loads in a short amount of time. To allow you extra time to go about other things you need to do in your day. So if you really like all the features you'll find in this, but the space-saving function is not important to you, I recommend going to a set like this. This is going to be a larger capacity. So for larger families, that will allow you to power through those loads in a shorter amount of time. So you can go about your daily business. You also won't sacrifice any of the features. You find the other machines, you're still going to have the turbo wash the turbo, steam the Wi-Fi capability and the AI for maximum efficiency. Choose the best washer dryer combo brand LG for your laundry needs in the Houston area at Appliance Outlet Texas, where you'll find the best discounts and highest inventory stocked in town! If you all find this video and article useful or if there's a specific appliance that you guys want to learn more about, Please let us know in the comments. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel. This really helps us out so that we can keep on bringing more content like this. We'll see you guys later.
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