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by on December 29, 2022
XL American Bully FAQ Is An American Bully Dog Aggressive? Not at all, in fact this is one of the biggest myths surrounding the American Bully Breed. This misconception comes from the bullies strong physical appearance, but the truth is that this breed is more of a gentle giant that loves care and attention more than anything else. Are American Bullies Good For First Time Owners? As long as you realize the commitment and time that comes with the responsibility of owning a dog in general. Their kind temperament and obedient personalities make American Bullies one of the best for first time owners, but this is dependent on the fact that you will do your research and strive to give your best friend all the love and attention that it needs. As long as you provide a loving home, your American Bully will fill it with lots of amazing memories. Just because they are more ideal for first time owners doesn't mean that raising one will be an easy walk in the park. What Is The Temperament Of An American Bully? Contrary to the popular myth that holds bullies as aggressive creatures, they are actually very loving and gentle. Just because they hold a big physical features doesn't imply they are mean and have to prove their size to anyone or any other dog. They are quite obedient and you will find their temperament equal to an over-sized 'teddy bear'. They are all bark and no bite but will even hold back on their barks most of the time. The only menacing thing about american bullies are their appearance, that's why this canine breed was made specifically for family companionship, not as a guard dog or hunting dog like its stature would suggest. Do American Bullies Howl Or Bark A Lot? When they are young they tend to be more vigilant towards movements around their environment but with the right training as they grow older they will know not to bark or howl at every passing squirrel or mail men. Compared to other dog breeds, the am. bully is known to have a low 'vocality' level which means even when young and untrained, they wont cause a ruckus like other breeds will.
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