Sajin Rajan
by on December 30, 2022
Customer behavior is changing rapidly, now customers demand speed in everything. The pandemic increases the volume of online shopping and the profitability of the e-commerce industry. It creates a new category of e-commerce called q-commerce that ensures ultrafast delivery speed. Q-commerce is the new path to scale up your direct selling business and provide an incredible rapid delivery experience to your customers.

Q-commerce vs E-commerce

E-commerce refers to the activity of buying and selling products and services online. Q-commerce is nothing but it is the next generation of e-commerce with extremely fast delivery. The major difference between e-commerce and Q-commerce is pointed out below.

>> Warehouse E-commerce uses large warehouses to store products usually outside the urban areas as the space requirement is large. On the other hand q-commerce set up various micro warehouses across high-density urban areas to deliver products rapidly.

>> Delivery vehicle Traditional e-commerce uses trucks and large vehicles to deliver goods. On the other hand, q-commerce uses two-wheelers to deliver goods as it reduces the delivery delay in parking vehicles and speeds up the delivery time.

>> Product Range Traditional e-commerce offers a wide variety of products to customers, whereas Q-commerce is limited to small and selected products.

>> Delivery speed The major difference between e-commerce and q-commerce is delivery speed, e-commerce takes an average of 3 to 5 days to deliver products. On the other hand, q-commerce delivers the products within an hour of placing an order.

Benefits of q-commerce in direct selling

>> Competitive USP When convenience plays a major role in online shopping, customers prefer fast delivery of products rather than normal delivery. The rapid delivery feature of q-commerce provides new value propositions to your direct selling business. That can help you to edge over competitors and acquire new customers for the business.

>> Improve profitability Today customers are also ready to pay an extra amount for fast delivery as convenience is preferred by customers. Implementation of q-commerce can help you boost sales and revenue of your direct selling business by providing fast delivery.

>> Improve Customer experience The major drawback of traditional e-commerce is the long delivery time of products. By eliminating this customer pain point, quick commerce surpasses customer expectations and improves their experience.

Q-commerce provides an ultra-convenient shopping experience to your customers and that can help your direct selling business improve customer satisfaction.
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