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by on January 3, 2023
In the past few years, ride-hailing has become one of the best and most profitable businesses to start. It has made it easier than ever to call a taxi or share a ride, and it has given taxi companies new ways to make money. After seeing how successful Uber was, a lot of taxi companies joined the bandwagon to take advantage of the huge number of opportunities and make booking a taxi even better. However, with earnings of $15,721 million in the US alone in 2018, this taxi app boom has peaked. Even though the rapid growth of the ride-hailing industry is impressive, it is also making it harder to get customers, keep them, and keep them interested. According to Statista, user penetration in 2018 was 9.6 percent and is expected to reach 13 percent in 2022. This offers a chance for more recent taxi-hailing businesses to gain a sizable market share. If you already have a place in the market or want to make your passenger mobile app solution better, here are some ways to get more customers. Build a social media presence: One of the tried-and-true strategies for brand promotion is social networking. Networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, among many others, allow you to put up your business on social media and increase visibility. You can talk to specific user groups, potential customers one-on-one, and communities to spread the word about your taxi booking app. Maintain your social media pages with relevant and engaging posts and graphics. Graphics and media, such as live videos and GIFs, have recently become important trends in online marketing. You can publish user stories, educational videos, or discounts and coupons to entertain and engage your audience and finally get them to try out your taxi app. Grow Outreach via PR & Media: Public relations and local media companies can help get the word out about your taxi app solution and make it better known. You can also promote your taxi app on social media. It gets people interested in your taxi app by using different branding strategies that leave a good impression in their minds. Such brand awareness also contributes to fostering and sustaining consumer brand loyalty. Tap into Targeted Advertising: Targeted advertising is an effective way to drive potential users to your taxi-hailing platform. Targeted advertising offers a wide range of choices, including: PPC Campaigns You can promote app installs using the well-liked internet marketing strategy known as pay-per-click. It increases your passenger count and ROI. Social Media Campaigns Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular places to run ad campaigns and get people interested in a brand. You can create advertising campaigns that are specially tailored to your marketing objectives. Grab Customer Attention using Promos/Discounts: You can use discounts and promo codes as your go-to marketing strategy to draw in customers. They work every time. You can reward the customers who use your taxi booking app. You can also make and hand out leaflets, flyers, and coupons online or in public places like restaurants, movie theaters, sports events, colleges, and so on. Finding out where your customers are will help you make the most of your marketing and branding efforts, which will make it more likely that more people will download your app. Consider Fleet and Vehicle Branding: Fleet branding has garnered more popularity in recent times. Studies show that over 3,000 individuals pass by a wrapped vehicle moving through a crowded area per hour. The American Trucking Association states that 91 percent of vehicle users notice such truck advertisements, with 35 percent of those studying them very closely. This demonstrates how car branding can increase your visibility while costing you the least. So, whether your vehicle is traveling through a city or parked in front of a busy marketplace, it will undoubtedly draw attention. Aggregate Customer Feedback: User reviews and ratings are what set traditional taxi driving apart from the taxi booking smartphone app. Make an ongoing effort to get consumer feedback in real-time. This will help you deal with any problems, no matter how big or small, and make sure you hire the best drivers to serve your customers. Also, responding to user reviews and ratings is a great way to keep users interested and loyal. Appicial Applications is an experienced taxi app development company that can create a taxi booking app for your business. With an Uber clone script, you can launch an app like Uber in about a week. Our uber clone taxi app is easy and safe to use, and it is already used by many taxi companies similar to Uber. Some additional advanced features come with the HireMe Taxi App, including fare management, geo-location tracking, and multi-city features like pricing, currency, category, language, and much more on a city basis. To learn original posts:
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