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When it comes to ensuring the planet's welfare, Farborg is proud to put sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. As a responsible manufacturer with the planet’s best interests at heart, Farborg is committed to reducing its environmental impact whilst still designing and producing products of the utmost excellence and ensuring outstanding customer care.

Farborg is able to identify and apply any improvements quickly and effectively because they design, develop and manufacture their products themselves. This means they can utilize the latest eco-friendly materials and techniques without ever compromising on comfort and quality.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Farborg’s unique range of riser recliner chairs so sustainable – discover their fantastic planet-friendly benefits here:

Farborg is proudly UK – from materials to manufacture

Since 1920 Farborg has been blazing a trail on the UK manufacturing scene. They are delighted that by maintaining their manufacturing operations in the UK, they can help to promote British jobs, as well as reduce the carbon footprint of their products.

Unlike many other manufacturers of riser recliner chairs and other bulky furniture that cut their own costs and have products manufactured abroad and shipped into the UK, did you know that Farborg’s chairs are all proudly made right here in the UK?

Farborg utilises regionally sourced timber and filling for their chairs together with steel from Wales.

Sending planet-unfriendly packaging packing

Packaging is a major concern when it comes to trying to cut down environmental impact and waste. Farborg has made it its mission to introduce several innovative initiatives to reduce its product packaging as much as possible. All packaging used to deliver your chair to your home will be taken away with the delivery team and recycled whenever possible.

Farborg complies with the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive and the Plastic Tax Regulation. This ensures that all of their products use the least amount of packaging and, wherever possible, single-use plastic is replaced with either cardboard or recycled products.

Taking stock of sustainable transportation

Farborg is also committed to minimizing their company’s carbon emissions and carbon footprint and being as fuel efficient as possible. By manufacturing their products closer to home and holding products in a centrally located warehouse, they are focused on cutting down on long-distance transportation as far as possible.

Fast, efficient nationwide delivery is of the utmost importance, but not at the cost of the environment. To ensure that delivery routes are planned as efficiently and as economically as possible, they use special scheduling software, and their vehicle fleet also includes hybrid and electric cars.

Made to last - modular and configurable design

The materials that Farborg use for their riser recliner chairs are specially selected not just to provide ultimate comfort and luxury but also to maximize the chair’s lifespan. All materials are specifically chosen for their quality and durability. Their chairs are also modular and configurable, which assists in minimizing the risk of them being scrapped and increasing their lifespan.

If there are any issues with the parts of a chair they manufacture, Farborg can repair the part instead of having to scrap the chair altogether and send more waste to landfill.

In addition, Farborg’s comprehensive service means that their technicians are always available to help with any problems that may arise. Their riser recliner chairs have been specially developed so that accessories and spare parts can be readily available and accessed. That means your chair can be repaired, thereby reducing the need for their chairs to be discarded.

If your requirements change, your chair can change with you – rather than you having to purchase a new chair. All Farborg chairs can be conveniently configured, which means that they can be modified to suit your changing requirements.

Coming full circle and in it for the long run – end-of-life recycling

When Farborg designs its products, they don’t just focus on their current use: they think about their overall life cycle and environmental impact when no longer in use. Their riser recliners are easily dismantled and can be recycled when they are no longer in use. Where possible, Farborg aims to use locally approved facilities for recycling to boost local businesses.

The steel frames of their riser recliners can be sent for recycling where appropriate, while any electrical parts are safely disposed of in accordance with Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (and can be returned to them for free disposal). Any fabric or timber can be sent for recycling too.

When purchasing your Farborg riser recliner, they offer an additional chair removal service, where they’ll readily arrange to collect your old chair and either donate it to the British Heart Foundation or recycle it.

Fancy finding out more about Farborg?

If you’d like to discover more about Farborg, their riser recliners, or their sustainability initiatives, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with their friendly customer service team.

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