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by on January 18, 2023
Color matching is an essential quality testing process in the manufacturing industry, from textiles to paper, and more. But what if the colors of the product will not match and are not accurate? This will affect the quality of the product. Thus, it is important for manufacturers of different industries like the paper & packaging industry, PET & Preform industry, plastic industry, or other related industries to test the colors of the product accurately so that there is no chance of any product damage. Thus, we at Presto have designed a high-quality color-matching cabinet that will help to test the difference in the quality of products and ensure that there will be no chance of Metamerism present in the products.
In this blog, we are going to provide you with information about how the Presto color matching cabinet will help you in performing the right color evaluations. But before that, let us discuss brief information about the importance of testing the color consistency of the products.

Why color matching is an important part of quality control?

A consistent product color will create a consistent, professional look for your products. By matching the colors of your products to the colors in your cabinet, you can create a coordinated look that will make your products stand out from the competition.
In addition, the products with accuracy in the colors will help the manufacturers in removing any sort of inaccuracy present in the product. When you match the colors of your products then you will find any sort of difference in the products that will help the manufacturers in ensuring that accurate products will be delivered.
Thus, it is important for the manufacturers to match the products before delivery and ensure that quality products will be delivered. You can read more on the importance of matching product colors before delivery. Now, let us discuss a brief about the Presto colour matching cabinet.

All about Presto color matching cabinet

When it comes to delivering accurate products to customers, it is important for product manufacturers to test the products efficiently. Thus, we at Presto have designed a high-quality color matching cabinet that is used to test the quality of colors and ensure that the right product will be delivered to the customers. You can easily examine the color vibrancy of different products with the use of this quality testing instrument. This highly advanced lab testing instrument has been designed more efficiently to ensure that the color of the product delivered will be of high quality.
This high-quality lab testing instrument will ensure that the product should be tested easily in different light sources. There are different light sources available in this testing instrument that includes:
1. Artificial Daylight (D-65)
2. Cool White Light (CWF)
3. Tungsten Filament Light (Domestic Light Matching)
4. Ultra Violet Black Light (White & Fluorescent Dyes)
5. TL-84 Light -Troposphere fluorescent Light (Point of Sale)
With these different light sources, one can easily ensure that the difference in color quality will be tested easily. You can easily enhance the color consistency of the product with the help of a color matching cabinet procedure. Now, let us discuss briefly the features of this quality lab testing instrument.

Features of Presto color matching cabinet

This highly advanced lab testing instrument has been designed with high-end features that make it easy for manufacturers to conduct color-matching tests on the products. Below we have listed the highly advanced features of this quality testing instrument.
This equipment offers controlled and reproducible lighting conditions. It has a wide viewing area. Suitable for all applications, that demand color consistency, and quality. It makes use of multiple light sources or lamps to detect the phenomenon of Metamerism. Various light sources include artificial daylight, cool white light, tungsten filament light, ultraviolet black light, and Triphosphor light. The apparatus is available in various other designs and specifications according to buyers’ needs across Asia, Europe & USA. It contains easy-to-manage light sources with a different switch for each light source. An imported hour totalizer has also been incorporated into this testing instrument. These are the features of the Presto color-matching cabinet. Now, let us discuss the technical specifications of the presto color matching cabinet instruments.

Technical specifications of Presto color matching testing instrument

1. D – 65: Artificial light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and a color temperature of 6500 °K
2. TL – 84: Fluorescent Light- Pont of Sale Light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and color temperature of 4000 °K
3. Tungsten Filament: Incandescent Light of 60 W bulb and color temperature of 2300°K-2800° K
4. CWF: Cool White Fluorescent Office Lighting with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W and a color temperature of 4100 °K
5. UV: Ultra Violet Light with a length of 4 Ft & 2 Ft. and 18 W is also available.
With these high-end features and technical specifications, one can enhance the color consistency of the product. You can easily conduct a free sample testing session regarding this quality testing instrument by giving us a call at +91-9210903903 or emailing us at to know more about color matching cabinet price. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs.
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