Payal Kapoor
by on January 19, 2023

When looking at digital rights management vendor, like any major vendor, one of the first things to investigate is how they’ve coped with similar clients. Not only will this give an insight into how they go about their business but also how they deal with various enterprise sizes. Scalability is much talked about but hard to implement and finding a digital rights management vendor with proven abilities to scale up rapidly and meet live event user bursts is crucial.

Intertrust’s experience with major clients such as Italy’s Tivu, Britain’s Youview and France’s TF1 has proved our digital rights management platform’s ability to handle subscriber bases into the millions and beyond.

When choosing a digital rights management vendor, another important deciding factor is what the major film industry players think. The big Hollywood studios demand enhanced security to guarantee the protection of premium UHD/4K content. The compliance with these specifications, advanced copy protection and ability to encrypt content along with our forensic video watermarking are among the reasons why all major Hollywood studios have accepted our DRM system for their digital content. Moreover, operators using our DRM are in a favorable position to negotiate content licensing agreements with these studios, since all content rights will be preserved and protected.

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