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by on January 27, 2023

Dating seems to be more challenging as times change. The lines between friendships, casual dating, and serious relationships became beyond blurred, leaving couples in situationships at best. One thing is clear – nobody likes unresolved relationship statuses, which is why dating gets a new form with every passing year. Dating apps have become ever-present, and the opportunities for polyamorous relationships are ever-growing. However, those are not the only dating trends you can expect to see in 2023. Continue reading for more dating predictions for the year ahead of us.

More affordable dates

Inflation is taking its toll on people worldwide, leaving a mark on the dating scene, as well. While couples used to enjoy planning lavish dates, today, many are aware of the skyrocketing prices that become less feasible, considering salaries are nowhere near increasing. Therefore, infla-dating was born, making couples choose more affordable options for their get-togethers. From cosy romantic evenings at home to walks and snacking at the cinema while watching a film, 2023 will be all about budget-friendly dating options.  

Physical appearance is less important a factor

If you've never been too confident about your physical appearance, this will be the year to look forward to dating success. While in previous years the majority of single people had looked for a physically attractive partner, in 2023, the tables are turning. The vibe between people, their education, and interests will come first, rather than appearances. People are also keeping their options open and offering a chance to individuals who are not, in fact, their type. Stepping outside your comfort zone will turn out to be one of the best decisions because it will potentially allow you to meet fascinating people you’d otherwise miss out on hanging out with.

Dating apps are here to stay

Ever since COVID hit, dating apps have become more popular among people ready to mingle. Even now that the lockdown is gone, dating apps such as My Sugar Daddy remain one of the first means towards looking for love, sex, or casual dating. Whether you're a man looking for a woman to woo, or you're a lady searching for your ideal man, My Sugar Daddy app offers mutual satisfaction for men and women ready to engage in a relationship. Forget about bar hopping and listening to old pick-up lines. All it takes is a swipe left or right to find your match on one of the many dating apps. Only those you believe are worthy of a date will engage in physical contact, allowing you to perform a detailed screening process and cut the drama short.

Aspiring towards work/love balance

Are you swamped with work and have no time to nurture a relationship? That won't be too big a deal in 2023. Why? Because you won't be hearing your partner complain too much about you being unavailable since they'll be on their computers all day too. Achieving the needed work-love balance won't be as challenging in 2023 because there will be more understanding towards long hours. Careers will be a priority, but that won’t mean love will be neglected. It simply means that couples will do their best to maintain their relationships alive despite their busy schedules, all whilst planning a specific date for their next outing. Get your planners ready because spontaneous won’t be that common a word in 2023.

Openness towards long-distance relationships

Another effect COVID had on us is the desire to work remotely. Since we’ve all seen that the majority of people can work from home, the desire towards becoming a digital nomad had increased. With that, the possibility of having long-distance relationships. Travelling whilst working opens so many options for people that wanderloving will become the new reality. Expanding dating app location perimeters is the next of many steps you can do to find the love of your life, even if it means it's halfway across the world. Who knows, you might find love in the city that’s only 20 miles away from your hometown, and maybe you’ll end up on a different continent. That’s what makes wonderlove so thrilling in the first place. Dating has never been more exhilarating than today, and you’ll see it for yourself once you start following this or any other trend we’ve mentioned.  

Final thoughts

If you're about to step into the dating game again, you'll want to know all about current trends. The good thing is that 2023 will allow much more flexibility and hopefully make dating less stressful. We cannot wait to see how the year continues and if single people out there will make the most of it.

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