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by on January 30, 2023
The most important and revered city in Islamic culture is Makah. Makah is the most revered city in the house of Allah SWT for two main reasons, the second of which is that it is where our Holy Prophet SAW was born. For Muslims, Makah has always been the focal point. After the prophet Ibrahim AS constructed the Kaaba in accordance with Allah SWT's instructions, Makah continued to be the focus of Islamic traditions. Muslims can take advantage of the Reserve December Umrah Package to travel to this wonderful city. There are several tourist-friendly locations in Makah; we will highlight a few of them here.

The most important site to see in Makah is the Kaaba, or Masjid al-Haram. Many Muslims pass away still want to at least once enter the holy building. Only a select few have the opportunity to arrive there and are hosted by Allah Almighty. More than 14 million people can worship in the vast mosque that surrounds the Kaaba at once. This location is crowded with Hajis wearing Ihram during Hajj days. It's worth watching this spiritual perspective.

Jannat Al Mualla:

The renowned Makah cemetery is next to the Masjid Al Haram. Many members of the family, friends, and followers are interred in this cemetery. The first wife of the Holy Prophet SAW, Hazrat Khadijah, and mother Aminah are prominent individuals buried in this cemetery.

Jabal Al Noor is a mountain that is also referred to as the mountain of light and the hill of illumination. The Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW got the first revelation of the Quran in the well-known Hira cave, which is situated on this mountain. The holy prophet Muhammad SAW liked to retreat to this cave to pray and reflect. Today, many Muslims visit this cave on a daily basis and perform two Rakat Nafals there.

Masjid Aisha:

This building is also referred to as Masjid-e-Taneem or the Taneem Masjid. The miqat location is famous in this area. When doing the Hajj and Umrah, Hajis come to this location, wear the Ihram, and set intentions for the Umrah. This mosque is enormous and nicely furnished with areas for Hajjis to rest and modify their Ihram. Only 10KM separate this mosque from the House of Allah SWT.

Kiswa Factory:

This is a facility specifically designed to prepare the Kiswa Kaaba cover. This facility is about 17 kilometres from the city's centre. With a lot of effort and attention, 100 artisans transform 670kg of pure silk into kiswa. Arabic calligraphy is done on the Kiswa with special gold thread work. For the change of Kiswa, a special ceremony is held every year.

City of Mina:

The renowned city of Mina is also referred to as the "city of tents." During the days of the hajj, well-equipped tents are erected for the convenience of the pilgrims. These tents are now permanently erected here and exhibit a wonderful spiritual perspective. Hajis must remain at this location during Hajj, although pilgrims in Makah for Umrah can visit this location by taking advantage of local transportation options.

Umrah is one of the wonderful duties that allows us to visit the abode of Allah SWT and other amazing sights in Makah. The necessary amenities to visit this historic city are provided through special packages like the Umrah Packages Rates 2023 including flights.
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