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Umnya Dune Camp offers Desert morocco tours. We invite you to enjoy our delicious food experience of Luxury Dining in Morocco. Glamping morocco: Yoga, Dance, Music, Digital Detox… Retreat. Complete your trip with our once in a lifetime romantic dining experiences.

Luxury Desert Camp In Morocco, Sahara Desert Tours - Umnya Desert Camp

Glamping morocco : Yoga, Dance, Music, Digital Detox… Retreat

We invite you to a land where time is divided by colour.

Umnya’s story started with a chance meeting deep in the heart of the Sahara desert between our chief nomads; Anas and Salah. Anas, with a background in luxury tourism was introduced to Salah, a true nomad living in the desert, during an excursion. They spent hours getting to know each other, talking about their lives, the nomad lifestyle, the desert, how they are living and happy with nothing, smiling all the time and dancing rain or shine.

Anas and Salah connected instantly, they were both in awe of the magical land that surrounded them - completely disconnected with reality. After receiving phone calls from Salah everyday, for 15days following their first meeting, Anas agreed to return to see the land…a vast and breathtaking space that was was soon to become home to Umnya.

Activate your body, your mind and your spirit with a unique experience, empowered by the sand, the stars, the sun and the moon. Allow the vibrations to guide you to you deeper self through chanting, dancing and sharing our gratitude to be embodied. Book your desert camp morocco experience today>>

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