Sajin Rajan
by on February 6, 2023
Emotions are very influencing forces that impact the decision of the customers. When you go shopping, you will see several limited-time deals on online retailers for particular things; this is purely a matter of making customers feel as if they are about to lose a deal. It can influence them to grab the deal as soon as possible and boost the sales of the company. This is one of the cases where emotional marketing is applied to influence customers' decisions. Using emotional marketing in direct selling can elevate your business to the next level by building robust customer relationships. Emotional marketing – The Know-how Emotional marketing refers to the marketing efforts of a company to persuade customers to buy products or services by emotionally connecting with them. It taps into customers' desire for love, sympathy, anger, feeling of sadness, and more to elicit a positive response from them. Customers are rational decision-makers, however when it comes to purchasing decisions the majority of them are driven by their inner feelings and emotions. Despite the presence of product price, quality, and numerous choice considerations, emotions also play a vital role in the customer's decision making process. That's why emotional marketing uses various strategies to tap into customers' emotions to influence their purchase decisions. Advantages of emotional marketing in direct selling 1. Improve brand recognition Emotionally touching marketing campaigns allow customers to engage on a more personal level. It is a way to make your brand memorable among customers and helps to improve your brand recognition. 2. Deeper connection with customers Emotional marketing helps direct selling businesses connect with customers on a much deeper level. These connections make customers feel part of your direct selling business and add value to the brand. 3. Improve customer loyalty Emotionally connected customers love your brand and are more likely to make repeat purchases from your brand. This helps your direct selling business improve customer loyalty.
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