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by on February 9, 2023
Feminized seeds exclusively grow female plants, and if they are made properly, there won't be many males among them when they sprout. By mistaking a male for one, the risk of unintentionally pollination crops is reduced. Using all-female seeds can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including the preservation of a certain trait or plant species with autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. A male-free crop is only one of them. Cloning is the most common method of maintaining a plant's precise genetic makeup. However, seeds from a plant that has been crossed with itself carry the advantageous traits of both parents. Using this method to cross two female plants is another justification. If a female plant's branch becomes "masculine," pollen will be produced to fertilize the other plant and produce seed when no male is present. In order to create feminized seeds, a regular female—not a hermaphrodite—must be made to develop male flowers that are capable of producing pollen.

Feminized Seeds Are Not As Mysterious Or Weird As They Might Seem

Taking male hormones induces masculinizing changes in adult human females, such as breast reduction, muscle gain, and a lowering of voice pitch. Although they have already formed, the major sex organs are shrinking. When female plants are exposed to masculinizing compounds, the same phenomenon occurs. The distinction is that although a mature woman has already developed her sex organs, a plant develops a new sex organ each time it creates a new bloom. Even though the plant is still a female with two X chromosomes and the pollen only contains female chromosomes, plants under chemical influence produce viable male blooms.

There Are Several Methods Used To Produce Feminized Seed

The renowned breeder Soma created the most straightforward technique. He observed that a few viable male flowers occur when colas of several cultivars reach late maturity (which, by the way, we favor as the harvest time). This is another indication that the buds are mature. Pollen can be collected and applied to the flowers immediately with a clean watercolor brush or saved in a little glass or metal container. At the peak of maturity, not all types produce male blooms, but many do, and they do so consistently. This technique produces very little pollen, but when used properly, a little pollen may go a long way. Some kinds blossom normally when grown outside but generate hermaphrodite flowers when grown indoors under stressful conditions. If the resultant plants are to be cultivated outdoors, where they won't display undesirable hermaphroditism, then the pollen from these male flowers may be used for breeding. Hermaphroditism can occasionally be brought on by plant stressors like heat and erratic light cycles. Stress management approaches, however, are unreliable. We haven't discovered a stress regimen that guarantees masculinization, and they only appear to operate when you don't want them to. If this occurs unintentionally in a garden with a desirable variety, take advantage of the situation and gather the pollen, even if you don't intend to utilize it. Silver thiosulfate promotes more male flowers than silver nitrate, making it more effective. The two substances are sometimes combined. Until the water falls from the leaves, spray the plant. Then instantly switch from a vegetative to a blooming light schedule for auto-flower cannabis seeds for sale. The leaves will droop, stop developing for a few days, start to yellow, and then they'll get back to being turgid. In a few weeks, male flower development will become visible. A few weeks later, the blooms will begin to ripen.
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