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It has been proved from the research that pets play a significant role in the improvement of a mental condition. People suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety can have ESA. The therapist diagnoses the condition of a person and assigns an ESA to him. An ESA letter is issued which ensures that ESA will remain with the patient whenever he needs him. The ESA letter is an official document that consists of rules and regulations regarding the ESA.

The holidays are a time of celebration, but it's important to remember that not all foods are safe for our feline friends. From rich, fatty foods to chocolate and other sweets, there are many common holiday treats that can be dangerous or even deadly to cats. As a responsible pet owner, it's important to be aware of these dangers and take steps to keep your cat safe during the holiday season. realesaletter is here to provide you with a warning about festive foods that your cat should avoid, so you can enjoy the holidays without putting your furry friend at risk.

At the festive time, there are many delicious foods that are not only tempting for us but for our cats as well. Pets need to retain themselves away from festive food. By giving food to them you may think that you are doing well. But it's harmful to your cats. Always provide the cats with the best cat food. Here are some foods from which cats should be kept away.

Grapes and Raisins

There are toxins present in grapes and raisins which can put harmful effects on the kidney of your cats. Raisins are an important ingredient in many festive foods like fruit cakes, mince pies, pudding, etc. So keep your cats away from these foods. If your cat eats grapes or raisins, it may show several symptoms like loss of appetite, weakness, dehydration, enhanced thirst, enhances urination, vomiting, and abdominal pain.


Nuts can be proven severe choking hazards for cats. Even if they chew them, their shells can be stuck in the throat of the cat. There are toxins in some nuts which are very harmful to your pets, especially to hypoallergenic dogs. There is a very harmful toxin in macadamia nuts that can affect the digestive system of cats. Swollen legs, weakness, and breathlessness are the other symptoms caused by the toxins. Pecans and walnuts consist of a high amount of fat. These cause problems in the stomach of cats.

Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are the ingredients that are used in everyday cooking and are very toxic for cats. These consist of thiosulphate which damages the hemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying compound found in red blood cells. The toxins affect the red blood cells which can lead to anemia in cats. In most drastic cases, these toxins can lead to organ damage, failure, and even the death of cats.


Alcohol has many adverse impacts on the health of cats. Even a small amount of alcohol can lead to disorientation in cats. Difficult breathing processes and death are the causes of alcohol.

Turkey Bones

Many people find it ok to serve their cats with the bones or cooked turkey bones on festive. Cats should not be served with bones, especially turkey bones. Turkey's bones can prove fatal for cats. Turkey bones are sort of hollow bones which can be broken easily. This broken piece of bone not only chokes the cat but can harm the organs of the cat as well. The broken pieces of the turkey bone can cut the intestine or stomach of the cat as well.


Chocolates can be proved very toxic for your cats. Chocolates contain theobromine which can be digested by human beings but cats cannot digest them. By taking a large amount of chocolate, theobromine creates a reaction in cats that cause multiple issues. Muscle tremors, disturbance in a heartbeat, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing and vomiting are the problems caused by taking a large number of chocolates. If you want to serve the cats festive food, cook special cat chocolate for them.

ESA Letter Michigan

Michigan recognizes emotional support animals as an important part of mental health therapy, and they have implemented policies to help protect them. ESA owners in Michigan are entitled to certain rights, including the ability to bring their ESA with them to public places and housing that would not normally allow pets. In order to obtain an ESA letter in Michigan, the owner must receive a recommendation from a licensed mental health professional.

ESA Letter Hawaii

Hawaii has strict regulations in place to protect the unique ecosystem of the state. As a result, bringing an emotional support animal to Hawaii can be difficult. Owners must obtain a permit from the state, and the animal must be kept in quarantine for a period of time upon arrival. However, with proper documentation and preparation, obtaining an ESA letter in Hawaii is still possible and can be an important part of mental health therapy.

ESA Letter Nevada

Nevada has laws in place to protect the rights of emotional support animals and their owners. These laws prohibit housing discrimination against ESA owners and also protect the animals themselves from harm or abuse. In order to qualify for an ESA letter in Nevada, owners must receive a recommendation from a licensed mental health professional who can attest to the animal's role in their therapy.

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