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by on February 21, 2023
It's said that a cannabis revolution is now happening. As more nations approve its usage as a recreational or therapeutic tool, more people are becoming aware of the benefits that Old Growth OG seeds could provide. Compared to the cannabis seeds our predecessors utilized, the cannabis seeds we use now are extremely different. The rise of the hybrid strain has been attributed to a worldwide cannabis revolution and several breeding initiatives.

Cannabis landrace strains and subspecies

Cannabis domesticated and produced by humans is known as landrace cannabis. Cannabis was once grown spontaneously, without the aid of humans; this method is now referred to as "open pollination." Time and cannabis's rising popularity, which spawned the hybrid strain revolution we are all presently experiencing, have changed how we interact with marijuana. Let's look at the evolution of the cannabis subspecies that make up modern hybrid buds.

Presenting Indicas

Because of their dependence on resin production in their dense, filled buds, these little, stubby bodies are typically associated with indicas. Famous indica strains abound on today's market, and kush varieties quickly rise to prominence in the cannabis industry. As indices recognition increased globally, they began to colonize new environments, climates, and greenhouses. Because of this experience, we are now exposed to new indicas and hybridization strains. Because of their calming effects, support for medicinal applications, and generally powerful terpene profiles, users commonly choose indicas.

Introducing Sativas

As seen by strains like Durban Poison, sativas often have fluffier buds than their indica and hybrid competitors. Sativas are usually difficult because of their profuse production of THC, THCV, terpenes, and other important cannabinoids, even though they are frequently associated with uplifting energy and mental clarity. Sativa strains are commonly regarded as providing uplifting mental clarity, but they can also result in paranoia in individuals with low THC tolerance.

Introducing the Ruderalis

Ruderalis cannabis is rarely used for recreational purposes; instead, it is produced as an addition to complex breeding schemes. Although having low THC levels, Ruderalis is not photoperiod sensitive; therefore, regardless of the amount of light the plant receives, it will bloom after a certain time. Breeders employ ruderalis plants because of their special traits to create an auto-blooming or feminized variant of their favored hybrid strain. Consumers who find feminized or autoflowering strains on the market can give credit to a ruderalis in the breeding program.

The secret to a happy life is variety

Depending on how the hybrid strain conveys itself, users may experience various effects. Taking your time when conducting genetic research on a potential purchase is important because of the dynamic diversity that cannabis strains produced through hybridization may offer. For decades, gifted breeders have used a dynamic plant with a long and complicated history to produce game-changing hybrid buds. By utilizing hybrid cannabis, you could acquire the advantages from both sides of the marijuana spectrum that you find most agreeable.


Old-growth OG seeds need to be understood to be much more complex than a simple indica/sativa/hybrid classification. Because cannabis seeds contain hundreds of unique cannabinoids and a wide range of terpene profiles, we may experience them in the way most inspires us.
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