Sajin Rajan
by on February 23, 2023
With the great need for increased accessibility in education, businesses like eLearning have created new opportunities. However, many eLearning companies fall short and fail due to a lack of innovation or creative thinking. The successful ones adopt successful business models i.e., implementing a direct sales model into the eLearning system will benefit the customers, distributors, as well as business entrepreneurs. Direct sales eLearning is a new and innovative way of doing business. It offers distributors, who are free to upload, share, and publish their own courses, and by uploading content of their own they have the opportunity to earn points. They can then redeem these points for commissions on any other product or course. Customers can purchase courses or study materials from these distributors and earn loyalty points for each purchase. These loyalty points then can be exchanged for other rewards.

Customers are constantly seeking new knowledge and this business model is incorporated with another feature, gamification. This potential model is designed with innovative modules with customer satisfaction as an important priority.

Business entrepreneurs were given special privileges to design automated compensation management that can provide payouts accurately. It was their responsibility to ensure a highly engaging team in the workforce. They can individually monitor each distributor and provide proper training to enhance their engagements. This way business performance can also increase which results in increased profit.

The LMS for distributors will accumulate points for each contributed course inspiring distributors to contribute more. The tool is designed to be an all-inclusive platform where distributors can create courses and customers can consume them on their own terms with some incentives provided by the point accumulation system.
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