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Do you consider mountain biking a great sport? Are you willing to spend time on its training? Well, if you wish to explore the activities of strength training for mountain biking, then this is the right place. In this blog, we will guide you about the must-to do activities and their benefits as a mountain biker. 


What exercises will boost your journey as a mountain biker? 


JUMPING LUNGES - A cyclist needs his or her body to be flexible and bouncy to bear the hurdles during biking on a mountain. The strength training for mountain biking, therefore, includes jumping lunges. An individual needs to stand and take a step backward. Coming back with a jump and raising as high as he or she can. This is followed by another leg to bend forward at 90° and then jump back. The repeated sets of this exercise will encourage the body to bear the uneven path of the mountains. 


SIDE PLANK LEG LIFT - This exercise as part of the strength training for mountain biking will help the calf muscles to become stronger. One can be in a side plank position. This requires the individual to rest on the support of the floor and to be at 90° on the floor. Then one hand is to be used to uplift the body, thereby making a triangle. The trainee needs to be in such a position for 2 minutes. Then the upper leg is to be raised and left in the position for 60 seconds. Doing so after repeated intervals will build up the strength of the legs. 


SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT - An individual needs to make a 90° angle with both the legs. The upper body will be straight, corresponding to the leg which is touching the wall. Alphabet T is to be made with the human body in such a scenario. Weight is to be deadlifted in the same way using your hands while being in such a position. This activity will engage the glutes in the human body. Hamstrings will be stretched in order to avoid hassles during mountain biking. The strength training for mountain biking includes this exercise in order to strengthen the muscles of the leg which will be required to pedal the cycle. One can perform such an activity to maintain a posture and avoid getting hit on a track when at great speed. 




This blog has highlighted some of the must-explore exercises for strength training for mountain biking. Read to inculcate them in your routine. 


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