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by on March 2, 2023
Brushing your cat's teeth and gums daily (or at least twice a week) is essential for oral health. It's a good idea to accustom cats to this procedure by sticking your fingers in their mouths starting when they are kittens because they can be relatively hardy to having their teeth cleaned when they become adults. To ease your kitty into the experience, use a finger cot or a gauze covered in cat toothpaste. They will also like the experience more if you submerge your finger in tuna can water.
Before you begin brushing your cat's teeth on a regular basis, make sure to have the necessary equipment. Both pet shops and veterinarian clinics sell complete dentistry kits. Under no circumstances can toothpaste intended for humans be used on a cat's teeth. Since you have little control over how much toothpaste your cat swallows and because large quantities of fluoride are frequently found in human toothpaste, it's crucial to prevent this. There is no shortage of fluoride-free cat toothpaste, which often has a beef or chicken flavour.
A good home dental regimen and regular dental checks at an animal clinic in Sarasota, FL can help protect your pet against tooth and gum problems. Visit the website and get more details.
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