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by on March 2, 2023
People have a long list of reasons why they are not fond of getting near a snake or even seeing one. You may be one of these individuals that attempt to stay away from these “venomous” or harmful species. But who can blame you? These animals have made a bad reputation for themselves. Yet did you know that most reasons why people are afraid of snakes may only be misconceptions?

Yes, that is right. Several reasons prevail around the world about how dangerous these animals are. If you are unsure which of these stories are myths, here are some of them.

First: snakes are slimy. They are actually not. Experts claim these animals have dry skins that can either be smooth or rough.

Second: snakes get attracted by milk. This misconception has left people ensuring they will not leave any dish of milk outside their homes because it will catch the attention of snakes.

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