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by on March 4, 2023
The Beardie has such a flat, rough, robust, and shaggy outer layer with a soft, hairy undercoat to shield him against Scottish extreme weather events. The fur drops freely from either side and does not require a portion. The beard for which he's famous is made up of long fur on the cheek, bottom lip, and beneath the chin.

Bearded Collies are born in a variety of colors, including black, blue, brown, and light yellowish tan, accompanied by or without white color markings. Some have a fading gene, so as they mature, their coat lightens and then darkens significantly after a year. A black puppy can develop into any shade of gray, from black to slate to silver. Brown puppies will brighten from chocolatey to sandy, while fawns and blues will show colors ranging from dark to light. Bearded Collies that do not have the fading gene retain their original color. The white appears solely as a flame on the face, head, apex of the tail, torso, limbs, feet, as well as neck. Tan marks can be found on the brows, within the ears, also on cheeks, under the tail's root, and along the limbs in which the white crosses the primary color.

Any skin and/or hair coat issue exhibited by your pet should warrant an appointment with your pet clinic Las Vegas, NV.
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