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by on March 8, 2023
Kansa Massage Wand is a breakthrough product created with the sweet blessing of several decades of Ayurvedic research and comprises of Copper, Tin and Zinc. The amalgamation of these elements gives the skin the much needed blood circulation and boost of collagen production.
Revitalizes and nourishes the skin.
Massage helps improve circulation and free movement of nutrients into cells and ensures the skin is healthy and aglow.
Supports release of excess heat and acidity.
Tones facial muscles and removes toxins from the lymph nodes.
Balances pH of the skin and removes stress from the body and mind.
Calms down inflammations, caused by dryness and dosha imbalance.
How to use?
Apply the Kumkumadi Oil on cleansed skin
Start massaging your forehead, nose, cheeks, jawline and neck
Use zig zag, circular movements and upward strokes
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