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by on March 15, 2023

When buying the seeds, do you know how to test the cannabis seeds? Sometimes, you may not realize it; however, you will get a good quality cannabis crop, which you must determine before taking further steps. Growing the brothers grimm seeds for sale will offer you good quality products, and also, it is significant to source marijuana seeds from a well-established organization.

Sometimes, you might get bad cannabis seeds that will cause issues in the future. So, in some cases, these seeds won't just germinate greatly. Although this won't destroy your complete crop, it wastes time and money, which might be frustrating.

We will assist you in working out whether your cannabis seeds are of good quality or bad quality. Hopefully, this guide will aid you in considering which seeds are worthy of your time and which have good quality seeds.

How To Test Cannabis Seeds

Method #1: The Sight Test

The foremost step to testing the cannabis seeds is to get the sight test, as it is vital to have cannabis seeds that are very much beautiful. Good quality, the seeds have a brown look with light and dark patches, and some also have brilliant tiger stripes. So, these seeds are also very glittery if you view them close enough.

Coloration: A dark color, the black and gray patches are the sign of having a healthy seed. Also, if you see the white or green shades, they are most likely to grow because they are not very mature.

Waxy coating: In this step, all the healthy seeds have a waxy or shiny coating. If it doesn't have that, the seed will likely be dead. Cracks: In this third step, all the cannabis seeds are very effortless to crack down.

Shape: When we talk about the shape, the rounder, and the fatter the seed is, it is more likely to sprout into a healthy plant fanatically. Multiple growers are concerned about the massive seeds with the thick shells; however, you don't have to stress about anything. The shell will also effortlessly break down with the help of the water greatly.

Mildew: You need to grab a magnifying glass and look at the seeds by giving a closer look.

Method #2: The Touch Test

In the second method, you need to do touch testing, where you can feel the cannabis seeds; that is yet another good indicator. So, it would be best if you held the seed between your thumb and the forefinger to squeeze up gently. So, it is advised not to put more pressure as it is just enough to test its integrity.

Method #3: The Water Test

You can always do a floating test to see if they’re healthy. By the way, this method works for numerous plant seeds and not just cannabis. It also works best with spring water or distilled water. Add your seeds to the water, then wait 1-2 hours.


These were some points to consider to spot bad quality cannabis seeds. Growing up, the brothers grimm seeds for sale will offer you good quality products. Also, it is significant to source marijuana seeds from a well-established organization.

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