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by on March 15, 2023

Garage doors are one of the most important exterior features of a home. There are three reasons for this: (1) it provides security for your valuables, (2) it regulates the warm temperature in your home, especially in winter, and (3) it can store many things such as household appliances and vehicles.


However, it is normal for garage doors to have mechanical problems even though they are made for heavy use. Homeowners often neglect the importance of garage doors because they thought they were made to last a lifetime. They tend to neglect their condition, leaving it in poor condition without maintenance, until the damage worsens and affects the operation of the door.


With regular maintenance, your Garage Door Repairs Brisbane will stay in good condition and extend its typical lifespan by 10-15 years. You can perform these simple maintenance steps by learning more about garage doors and their hardware parts. You can contact a garage door repair company to advise you on any questions or issues you may have regarding your garage door, from a garage door spring repair to having your door panel replaced. from the garage. Also, here are some garage door maintenance tips that you can follow.


Inspect the garage door


Inspecting garage doors and their hardware parts will help troubleshoot if there are discrete malfunctions that need to be repaired. Inspect the parts two to three times a year just to make sure your garage door is in perfect condition. Here is a list of parts you should pay attention to:


  • Test Garage Door Balance – Manually open your garage door by pressing the emergency release button and turning off the opener. Then carefully lift the door halfway. The garage door is balanced if it stays in the middle, but if it started differently, there must be a problem with the rails.
  • Listen for unusually loud noises – Operate your garage door with an opener and listen for unusual noises like creaking or grunting. If there are signs of loud noise, check the inside of the door for debris or worn springs.
  • Inspect tracks and other hardware – Check the mechanical parts of the garage door and look for signs of rust, wear, or dents. Determine if this can be fixed with minor repairs and cleaning, or if you need to call a garage door technician for installation.

Clean your garage door regularly


Wash your garage door regularly to improve its overall appearance. Use detergent or universal cleaner to remove stains from dishes. Next, use a soft-bristled brush to clean any dirt on the corners and inside of the hardware pieces. Remember to turn off the automatic opener and lower the garage door when you clean it to avoid unwanted accidents.


After cleaning, you can repaint the panels even if they have permanent stains, scratches, or dents. Choose the right color for your style so you don't have to change it often.


Lubricate the mechanical parts


One of the best remedies to eliminate unnecessary friction between the moving parts of a garage door is lubrication. The process of lubricating the moving hardware parts will improve the operation of the gate, allowing it to run smoothly. Also, this piece eliminates loud noises coming from your garage door.


Here is a three step process on how to lubricate garage door parts:


  • Use a suitable product for lubrication. The right choice would be the one recommended by garage door experts or you can also use the popular WD-40.
  • Apply or pour a large amount of lubricant onto your non-absorbent cloth.
  • Clean the oil from the hardware parts and be sure to clean the parts first before applying the lubricant.

Lastly, in addition to maintaining your Garage Door Service, it's also important to protect your home. For this reason, it is worth mentioning that upon request you have a professional locksmith service to whom you can entrust your home.


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